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‘Takei’s Take’ Takes Boston

Posted on 07/14/2014 by |News, Culture, Sights and Sounds | Comments

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One if by land and two if by sea? Maybe Paul Revere was a digital pioneer, since he “got” binary communication centuries before the digital cataclysm started to shake today’s world.

From the home of the first American revolution, tech adventurer George Takei begins a series of four episodes of his award-winning YouTube series Takei’s Take in the Boston metro area, with three questions:

  • How did Boston drive the tech revolution in America?
  • Why did the scene shift to Silicon Valley?
  • What’s the future for Boston tech?
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He talks with tech writer Scott Kirsner and a pair of entrepreneurs William Poduska (founder of Apollo and Prime Computer) and Bill Warner (founder of Avid Technology) about how technology, especially along the famed “Route 128 corridor,” was a key engine for Boston’s business growth, and they explore the state of the art today.

Join us for three more episodes — posted Thursdays — from the home of MIT and Harvard, and perhaps the second most important incubator of tech ideas and trends in the country today.

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