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A New Boomer Grandma’s Tips for Buying the Right Stuff

Posted By K.C. Summers On August 26, 2014 @ 2:57 pm In Parenting Part 2 | No Comments

Only two weeks till I become a first-time grandmother – and I desperately need some baby basics. I’m told that the must-have item these days is the Pack ‘n Play [1]. That’s what we used to call a playpen, children, but now it’s a “play yard, complete with options like “micro-fleece newborn napper station, changing table attachment, night light (!), music player (!!) and detachable toy bar. As someone who came of age in the ’60s, may I just say: Shoot me now. On the other hand, all my new-grandmother friends swear by this thing. Click.

Baby bump, pregnant woman [2]

My granddaughter

The second-most-recommended item: Sophie the Giraffe [3]. Apparently babies go nuts over this French teething toy. OK, it is kind of cute, but $25? I think we can skip this one. Ditto baby monitors [4]. I’m as forward-thinking as the next boomer granny, but I’ll be keeping tabs on this little one the old-fashioned way – by hovering over her bassinet and holding a mirror up to her mouth, just like I did with her mom. >> 9 Nasty Things to Throw Away Today [5] Back in the olden days, when I became a first-time mother at the then-ancient age of 28, there was so much less stuff! But while some of the modern accoutrements are completely insane (lighted baby-wipe warmers [6]? thousand-dollar strollers [7]? baby whirlpool baths [8]??), I’ve gotta say I’m loving some of the new gear. Like the cute nursing pillows [9]that make breastfeeding comfier for both mom and baby. Or the foam floor chair [10] that doubles as a booster seat. Both of these are ready and waiting at my house for when Beth and the baby come to visit. True, they’re not essential, but I want to make my place as mama- and baby-friendly as possible. >> Get travel discounts with your AARP Member Advantages. [11] Here’s my winnowed-down list of six essential items for new grandmothers.

  1. Portable play yard [1].
  2. Infant rocker chair [12].
  3. Baby thermometer [13].
  4. Baby carrier [14].
  5. Stroller [15].
  6. A few board books [16] – because it’s never too soon to start them reading.

What have I missed? Is there a product you swear by that helps keep your grandchild happy? Please share with the new-grandma class!   Also of Interest

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