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11 Things We Didn’t Know Last Week

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News, discoveries and … fun

Cobra [1]

1. A cobra can bite and kill someone even 20 minutes after its head is severed. (Learn more at Daily Mirror [1])

2. Celebrity deaths do not generally come in threes. (Learn more at NY Times [2])

3. How rare is a blue lobster? One in 2 million. (Learn more at Associated Press [3])

Blue lobster [3]

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4. With the national unemployment rate at 6.2 percent in July, 20 U.S. cities are under 4 percent. (Learn more at Vox [5])

5. You can buy a house in a picturesque Sicilian hilltop village for $1.30. (Learn more at Agence France-Presse [6])

Gangi, Sicily [6]

6. A restaurant in Fort Myers, Fla., refuses to serve ketchup to patrons over age 10. (Learn more at Yahoo! Food [7])

7. After 80 years, Oakland, Calif., no longer bans pinball machines. (Learn more at Wired [8])

Pinball machine [8]

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8. Methane is seeping into the Atlantic Ocean from hundred of leaks on the ocean floor along the East Coast. (Learn more at Nature [10])

9. How to make the world’s most expensive coffee ($70 a serving): Feed coffee beans to elephants, pick the beans out of the dung, wash, rinse, grind and brew. (Learn more at NPR [11])

Elephant eating coffee beans [11]

10. City spiders grow larger and reproduce more often than country spiders. (Learn more at PLOS ONE [12])

Spider [12]

11. Nearly 1 in 3 “retirees” say they would like to return to the labor force. (Learn more at Reuters [13])

Bonus video: You may have seen the precocious “apparently” kid [14] earlier in the summer. But have you heard him sing?

YouTube Preview Image [15]


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Images – Cobra: iStock/aletsix [18]; Lobster: Flickr/Richard Wood [19]; Italy: Wikimedia user Azotoliquido [20]; Pinball: Flickr/Jenni Conrad [21]; Elephant: Black Ivory Coffee [22]promotional video screenshot; Spider: iStock/papkin [23]

Music - AlexBeroza: Spinnin’ [24]; Songify This

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