The Who, What, When, Where of Voting

Polling placeOn November 4th, like millions of Americans, I’ll head to the polls to cast my ballot. I’ve done my homework, know where the candidates stand on important issues — like financial security and support for family caregivers — and I’m ready to vote.

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But even though I’ve been voting for years, I still need to check some basic facts:

When do I vote?

The first Tuesday after the first Monday in November, or this year: the 4th! Most polls open between 6 and 7 a.m. and don’t close until 7 or 8 p.m. — but the exact hours vary from state to state.

Click here to find out when polls are open in your state.

Where do I vote?

Even if you’ve voted at the same place every year, it’s best to double-check that your polling location hasn’t changed. Most states have an online tool where you can easily look up where to vote.

Click here to look up your polling location.

What do I need to bring?

Other than a passion for democracy, it depends on where you live. While in some states all you need is you, others require an ID or some other sort of verification.

Click here to see what you need to bring to vote.

Most importantly, whom do I vote for?

This one is up to you! I vote for the candidate who I think will stand up for the issues important to me: information that isn’t always the easiest to find. To make the process of choosing a candidate easier, AARP has created nonpartisan voters guides, so you can see where the candidates stand on crucial issues, like financial security, supporting family caregivers and more. The guides give you the straight scoop, unlike the candidates seen below, on the issues important to you and your family.–o-M&list=UU_hzlVhF0kRkUYB4jtnfYFw

Click here to see where your candidates stand on the issues important to you!

Remember, your vote is your voice. I hope you will set time aside in your day tomorrow to get out there and cast your ballot!

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mmth42 5pts

I keep warning my congressperson to cut off Rep. Ryan's repeated attempts to privatize Medicare. If it happens, I will have to move to Canada, since no American company would sell me a policy, with all my pre-existing conditions. Please bend your efforts, I asked her, toward universal, single-payer, not-for-profit healthcare. All other modern countries have done this, and they have much lower costs and significantly longer life expectancies than we do. To my dying day, I won’t understand what the Republican party has against the health of its constituents. It will be a huge issue in 2014. Once the AARP gets its teeth into this Ryan plan, watch out—SENIORS VOTE.

jps9452 5pts

A senior who votes Republican is like a chicken who votes for Colonel Sanders.


Yesterday Americans went to the polls and reacted  to President Obama's statement that  he is not on the ballot BUT his policies are, every single one of them....

myexper 5pts

The Republican plan for Social Security:

- Cut Social Security benefits by reducing COLA via implementing the Chained CPI to calculate COLA.

- Cut Social Security benefits further by implementing means testing of earned benefits. Seniors who have pensions or saved up for their retirements will see their Social Security benefits cut.

The Republican plan for Medicare: Traditional Medicare is eliminated.

The Republican plan to restructure taxes:

- With only two tax brackets of 25% and 10%, all upper income (wealthy) tax brackets will be eliminated. The middle class 15% tax bracket will also be eliminated, pushing most all middle class income into the 25% tax bracket.

- Mortgage interest tax deduction is eliminated.

- Charitable contribution tax deduction is eliminated.

- Middle class child tax credit is eliminated.

- Middle class college tuition credits are eliminated.

- State property tax and income tax deduction is eliminated.

- Safety nets for the poor are virtually annihilated.

- Massive cuts to Medicaid.

The net result is an enormous tax reduction for the wealthy paid for by a massive tax increase on the middle class and crushing all safety nets for the poor.

myexper 5pts


2014 has already come and gone. And while the AARP should have made the Ryan Republican Budget a "huge issue" and "sink its teeth" into it, AARP did nothing.

You are most correct about the devastating effects of the Ryan Republican Budget, especially the elimination of traditional Medicare. This Republican Budget will also grant massive tax cuts for the wealthy, paid for by massive tax increases on the middle class, along with annihilation of safety nets for the poor and massive cuts to Medicaid.

WHY? Because Republicans are only concerned about making the wealthy more wealthy at any and all costs to everyone else. SENIORS NEED TO WAKE UP AND VOTE OUT THE REPUBLICANS WHO CONSTANTLY ATTACK THEM!

myexper 5pts


You got that right ..... and with a great sense of humor too. Love it!

You summed it up perfectly. But looking at some of the other comments herein, many seniors will not "get it". And unfortunately, with the results of the recent elections, ALL seniors will be on the Colonel's menu, including those who made informed choices in their voting.

myexper 5pts


If what you say is true, then those Americans "cut off their noses to spite their faces". If Americans voted Republican to attack Obama, they have only hurt themselves ..... badly!

With the Republican majority in the Senate, Republicans can now pass their Ryan Republican Budget in Congress. And with this budget, seniors will suffer the loss of traditional Medicare and the middle class will be taxed to death, as I detailed in my posting below. And seniors will also see their Social Security benefits cut with the Republican Chained CPI (to lower COLA) and the Republican demand to means test your Social Security benefits.

IMCONCERNED, you better hope and pray that Obama will not compromise with your Republicans and completely veto Republican attacks on you and most all Americans!

myexper 5pts


If you don't care about what the Republicans will do to you, how about caring for your fellow seniors, most of whom are not nearly as well off as yourself?