co5939 5pts

For your credit cards wrap them with aluminum foil and then with duct tape leave an opening on one side, like a pocket. This will prevent scanning while in your purse or pocket. Good luck!

Sylentiger 5pts

but those who use CREDIT cards usually have several and many are maxed out,  whereas with a debit card you can only spend what is in the account, No worry about having to pay later.  No "The checks in the mail" excuse... 

gp2229 5pts

True sometime change is not good.  If it works and you are responsible and use it responsibly you will  be fine.  I totally agree with you.

2Papa 5pts

I have no debit card and don't understand why people have them. I have had one credit card, the same one, for thirty years and that is it. I pay it off every month and pay no interest or fees. Get a grip folks, you don't need all that "stuff"!