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AARP Volunteers

AARP volunteers

This month, state legislatures throughout the nation are convening to mark the inauguration of new governors, state legislators and other state leaders. We will then begin to hear State of the State messages from governors that detail the challenges, opportunities and priorities they have defined for the year ahead.

At AARP, we’ve also set our priorities for 2015 with a state advocacy agenda that highlights how we will continue to fight for you in every state, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and U.S. Virgin Islands. We’ll be watching closely as governors and legislators lay out their agendas to make sure our priorities — your priorities — are addressed.

Here are our top 2015 legislative priorities, across the states:

Supporting Family Caregivers
Today more than 42 million family caregivers care for parents, husbands, wives and other loved ones to help them stay at home — and out of costly institutions. That’s why in 2015 we’re working for commonsense solutions to give caregivers more support, help at home, training and more by fighting:


Helping People Live Independently in Their Own Homes and Communities
The vast majority of older Americans want to stay in their homes and communities as they age. It’s also less costly. In fact, home care is one-third the cost of institutions, like nursing homes. That’s why AARP is calling on state lawmakers to take action and make changes so that individuals receive the services they need to continue living independently in their homes.

Enhancing Retirement Security
Today, millions are facing a retirement deficit, outliving their retirement savings by an average of $57,000 per household. To help you live the life you want in retirement, AARP is fighting for your financial future. Here are two ways how:

  • 55 million Americans don’t have access to a retirement plan at work, a tool that increases savings rates by 1,300 percent. “Work and Save” plans are a commonsense solution that allows employees to save for their future at their job and benefits small businesses, employees and states.
  • We’re also working to protect retirees from cuts to their pensions — because pensions are promises and states need to keep up their end of the deal. Underfunded pension plans need to be shored up, and any changes must be fiscally responsible and protect the financial future of workers and retirees.


Standing Up for Consumers
Fair utilities: You should pay only what’s fair and reasonable for reliable utility service — that’s why we’re fighting against unfair utility rates. We’re working to defeat unreasonable rate increases and charges, to make sure you have a voice at the table when utility companies want to raise your rates and ensure consumer protections.

Financial exploitation: We’re also helping to safeguard older Americans from financial abuse, by enacting laws that help prevent, detect, report and assign penalties against elder financial exploitation, preserve funding for adult protective services and more.

Accessing Affordable Health Coverage
Many hard-working Americans who have lost their jobs or are struggling in jobs without health coverage have no access to affordable care. AARP is fighting in states across the country to expand access to affordable care and give these hard-working families the security of knowing they can get the health care they need.

Designing Livable Communities for All Ages
We need to make communities more livable for all ages. This could be barrier-free buildings and streets as well as more convenient access to services, businesses and green spaces. This includes legislation like Safe Streets to promote effective transportation planning, coordination and funding to address the needs of all residents.

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Elaine Ryan is the vice president of state advocacy and strategy integration (SASI) for AARP. She leads a team of dedicated legislative staff members who work with AARP state offices to advance advocacy with governors and state legislators, helping people 50-plus attain and
maintain their health and financial security.

Follow Elaine on Twitter: @RoamTheDomes.

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2Papa 5pts

What is AARP doing for Michigan citizens?

myexper 5pts


Here is a link directly to the document referenced in reply above.

Please access the AARP document and note the item relative to the "pension tax". I worked with the MI AARP 4 years ago in their fight against this tax, against this Republican attack on MI seniors. In addition to this new tax, Republicans also eliminated the middle class Homestead Property Tax Credit for most MI residents, imposing a double barrel tax hit on MI seniors who owned a house, forcing some seniors out of the house that they paid for and lived in most of their lives.

As a fellow MI resident, do you remember (4 years ago) Republicans running for the legislature, all pledging to not raise taxes? And Republican candidate Snyder, now our senior citizen hating governor, stating that he would not touch the pension exemptions?  But once elected, the new Republican controlled legislature and Republican governor passed the largest tax increase in MI's history on middle class residents, with seniors taking a hit of $2,500 to $3,500 per year and in the middle of the greatest recession since the depression.

All Democrats voted against the MI pension tax and against all the other Republican tax increases on MI's middle class. The pension tax hit on MI seniors has become so devastating that some Republicans have come out against it. But Republican governor Snyder has refused to remove the pension tax nor any of the other tax increases.

While AARP writes letters and talks to MI legislators, it must be far more aggressive in its efforts. MI AARP needed to tell MI voters (especially seniors) point blank ...... "Do not vote for the Republicans who are taxing you to death!"  But instead, with all its power, all the AARP does is write letters and refuses to use the enormous "bite" it has, all to protect its neutrality. As such, AARP has become ineffective in protecting its senior members.

ReTiReD51 5pts


What is AARP doing for Michigan citizens?
Quite a lot.
At the top of most any aarp web page you’ll see a tab titled “In Your State” just click on it and then link to your state from the list provided.