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Alejandra Owens is a senior advisor in AARP Social Media.

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What Is This SOPA Business? And Why’s Everyone Talking About it?

Posted on 01/19/2012 by |General News | Comments

TechnologyIf you watched the news, or tried to Google something yesterday, you inevitably come across something about SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act). There was a black out – a form of protest that was started by, the social news website where users share links to interesting stories and content, and supported by Wikipedia. Websites quite literally shut down, they turned off the internet!! Not really, but the black out was a way of protesting Congress’ proposed legislation to deal …

When Should You Talk To Your Doctor About Hearing Loss?

Posted on 01/17/2012 by |General News | Comments

Personal HealthThis is a guest post by Annie Lynsen, on loan to AARP from Small Act. Have any of the following happened to you? You’ve found yourself tired or stressed from trying to hear. You believe that everybody mumbles. You find it easier to understand others when you are looking directly at their faces. You frequently ask others to repeat themselves. You increase the television or radio volume to a point that others complain. You have difficulty understanding speech in noisy places like cars, restaurants …

To Do: Watch NBC Nightly News Tonight

Posted on 01/13/2012 by |General News | Comments

Money & SavingsI know, Friday nights are for watching movies, having dinner with friends or doing anything other than thinking about retirement planning. But! Hear us out here. Tonight on NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, AARP’s very own Jean Setzfand will be on. See, Jean is our VP of Financial Security, which is to say, Jean knows her stuff about all things financial and retirement planning. She’ll be on the news tonight talking about retirement planning: steps you can follow to …

Paleo: The Key to a Healthy Lifestyle?

Posted on 01/10/2012 by |General News | Comments

Personal HealthThis is a guest post by Annie Lynsen, on loan to AARP from Small Act. The Paleolithic Diet, or “Paleo” for short, is a dietary lifestyle that eschews processed foods, dairy and grains in favor of a vegetable-, fruit- and meat-based diet. The logic is that we should eat as our ancient ancestors did, because such a nutritional balance will allow our bodies to work the way they were designed to work. In the introduction to Everyday Paleo, Sarah Fragaso …

And The Republican Presidential Nominee Will Be?!

Posted on 01/3/2012 by |General News | Comments

Your LifeWith all eyes on Iowa tonight, the Republican Presidential nominees wait with baited breath as Iowans come together and cast their vote at the caucuses. We know you’ve probably been watching the news and hearing the political back and forth, so our editor of AARP The Bulletin, Jim Toedtman, developed this quiz for you to see how your good your political prowess is. So make your predictions for the 2012 elections, keep them and see how your fared this time …

Blockbuster Drugs Going Generic This Year

Posted on 01/3/2012 by |General News | Comments

Personal HealthHappy New Year! Here’s some good news to start your year off right: many name-brand prescription medications are going generic this year. Among them: Lexapro, used to treat depression (March) Provigil, which treats sleep problems (April) Plavix, an antiplatelet drug which can prevent blood clots (May) Singulair, an Asthma drug (August) In the second half of 2011, Lipitor, Solodyn and Zyprexa went generic. If you are taking any of these name-brand drugs, talk to your doctor about cheaper, generic alternatives. Photo credit: on …