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Retirement Gamble: Wake-Up Call on 401(k) Fees

Posted on 04/24/2013 by |AARP Blog Author | Comments

Money & SavingsWorried about how you’re going to pay for retirement? Join the club. A PBS Frontline documentary called The Retirement Gamble shows that you’re in good company. The silver lining: a brighter spotlight on hidden fees, plus information to help make the most of whatever you can sock away. Kudos to journalist Martin Smith, who ‘fessed up to the common mistake of saving for his kids’ education at the expense of his own retirement security (more on why it’s okay – and …

Boomers are Growing Segment of Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Posted on 04/22/2013 by |AARP Blog Author | Comments

WorkWhen you hear “small business start-up,” many people think of 30-something techies leaving bigger companies to go out on their own. Would it surprise you to learn that about one fourth of aspiring small business owners are in the 40 – 60 age bracket? “Of 76 million people above 50, about half have an interest in entrepreneurship,” noted Jean Setzfand, AARP’s vice president of financial security, in a USA TODAY article on encore careers. That high level of interest is one reason …

Help for 50-Somethings Short on Retirement Funds

Posted on 04/4/2013 by |AARP Blog Author | Comments

Money & SavingsThe following is a guest post from Barbara Friedberg. There is no shortage of people in their 50s with little retirement savings. Pension plans like the ones our parents’ generation relied on are few and far between. Those 401(k) balances aren’t as high as we hoped. Social Security still faces the possibility of the “chained CPI” COLA proposal. Most of us, like my friend Seth, haven’t saved enough. Seth lives in New York City and earned a mid six-figure salary …

Age Wave Brings New Career Options for Boomers

Posted on 03/29/2013 by |AARP Blog Author | Comments

WorkA staggering number of people in the United States remain unemployed, with more workers over age 45 remaining out of work for a year or longer. As Chris Jansing explains in this segment of the NBC Nightly News “Road to Retirement” series, many Americans — especially people 50+ — are taking advantage of the age wave to reinvent their careers or strike out on their own. That was the case with Roseann Brown, 59, who now works as a fitness instructor to …

Staggering Stories of Jamaican Lottery Scams

Posted on 03/11/2013 by |AARP Blog Author | Comments

Money & Savings    UPDATED March 13 with link to view episode | Who falls for something that appears too good to be true, like winning a Jamaican lottery? More people than you think. Advocacy groups, government officials and the media – most recently, venerable newsman Dan Rather – are shining a light on this despicable form of fraud and the devastating consequences on elderly victims and their families. These criminals tend to prey on seniors with fixed incomes – people who can least …

Fighting Foreign Lottery Fraud – and More

Posted on 03/4/2013 by |AARP Blog Author | Comments

Money & SavingsThink no one falls for it? Think again. The news could come in the form of a letter, a phone call, or an e-mail – perhaps from a Jamaican lottery official: Congratulations! You’ve won a huge prize in our lottery! To claim your winnings, all you need to do is pay the taxes on your prize and wire the funds or provide a credit card. The bad news: Scammers are getting better at targeting the people who actually will believe …