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Jill Greenberg operated and contributed to the AARP Blog from 2006 to 2008. All her posts have been archived for your reading pleasure.

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Here We Go Again

Posted on 02/26/2008 by |Archived Contributer | Comments

Your LifeAnother night, another debate. And we’re not hearing anything different than we have before. The same argument over the health care plans of Senators Clinton and Obama that we’ve heard since the first debate in South Carolina 10 months ago. Yawn. It’s amazing that the issues the people are concerned about, health care and financial security, were barely touched upon tonight. The debate covered no new ground and failed to give voters any new information to help them make a …

It’s About Time

Posted on 02/26/2008 by |Archived Contributer | Comments

Your LifeYesterday, Senator Barack Obama was out on the stump talking about Social Security. It’s about time we started hearing about this issue from the candidates, particularly with people so concerned about their financial futures. Reform is important and yesterday the Senator mentioned just one option when it comes to making sure Social Security is around for future generations – raising the payroll tax. There are lots of other ideas out there and with 80 million Americans likely to retire in …

Almost Right

Posted on 02/26/2008 by |Archived Contributer | Comments

Personal HealthYesterday’s NY Times opined about the Medicare debate. It’s a little in the weeds on the policy front, but they do mention some good ways to help with soaring health care costs across the system: electronic health records and paying doctors for the quality of their care. These ideas are right on because they address the broader issue in the health care system, costs. What they also mention – forcing high income beneficiaries to pay more for drugs- does not …

Gimme More

Posted on 02/22/2008 by |Archived Contributer | Comments

Money & SavingsI wrote about it yesterday, but U.S. News and World Report has an interesting Q and A on the Supreme Court’s 401(k) ruling from earlier this week. It gives a little more detail about how this impacts consumers, so get smart and check it out.

What to Say?

Posted on 02/21/2008 by |Archived Contributer | Comments

Your LifeAfter watching another debate, the conclusion remains the same… these debates are just not a helpful forum for getting any details from the candidates on the real issues. Health care and financial security were barely mentioned; just one question was asked about financial issues. The candidates themselves brought up health care, or else the issue would have just been left out in the cold tonight. Where is the commitment to addressing health care? What about doing something about the financial …

Clearing the Air

Posted on 02/21/2008 by |Archived Contributer | Comments

Money & SavingsThe papers were all over it today… the Supreme Court’s ruling that will allow employees to sue their retirement plans. But what does this mean for the average person? It means that if the people who we have entrusted our 401(K) plans to are not responsible stewards of our dough, we now have the recourse to sue them. AARP filed a brief in support of the plaintiff in the case, calling the lack of ability to sue a barrier to …