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Julie Lee is the vice president and national director of AARP Driver Safety, the nation’s first and largest driver improvement program for older drivers.

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Top 5 New Car Technologies for Older Drivers

Posted on 09/19/2012 by |The Road Well Traveled | Comments

TechnologyGoogle made a car that drives itself. The University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI) is studying 3,000 vehicles that actually talk to each other. Each day, advancements are being made to make our cars safer and easier to navigate. And while the car that drives itself may not be on the market for a few years, many new and exciting auto features have recently debuted that are already changing the face of driving. Earlier this week, The Hartford and …

What If Safe Driving Was an Olympic Sport?

Posted on 07/30/2012 by |The Road Well Traveled | Comments

Great PlacesCompetition is in the air as the 2012 Summer Olympics have officially kicked off. This year, over 200 countries will compete in 300 events including swimming, basketball, gymnastics and tennis. But at AARP Driver Safety, we can’t help but wonder: what if safe driving was an Olympic sport—which country would take home the gold medal? Which countries have the safest drivers, roads, and why? According to the World Health Organization, the Marshall Islands have the safest roads by far. In 2007, …

Look Before You Lock: Children and Pets in Hot Cars

Posted on 07/23/2012 by |The Road Well Traveled | Comments

Personal HealthOn June 29, we broke a record in Washington, D.C.: 104 degrees Fahrenheit—3 degrees warmer than the high set almost 80 years ago. In fact, the first six months in 2012 have been the hottest in the mainland U.S. since temperature records began in 1895. While extreme heat can contribute to a variety of health issues for people of all ages, for children and pets, the danger is amplified in cars. Heatstroke is the leading cause of non-crash, vehicle related …

Five Summer Road Trip Safety Tips

Posted on 06/18/2012 by |The Road Well Traveled | Comments

TravelSummer is the perfect time to gather up your family and embark on an old-fashioned road trip. With falling gas prices and the gorgeous summer sun, more families are planning to buckle up and hit the road. And while getting there is half the fun, making it to your destination safely should always be the first priority. See also: Enter the ‘Dallas’ Travel Adventure Sweeps. You Could Win! Below are five summer road trip tips from AARP Driver Safety, which …

Honk If You Hear Me! Hearing and Driving Webinar

Posted on 05/1/2012 by |The Road Well Traveled | Comments

Personal HealthHear that ambulance? Or the motorcycle coming from behind? If you said, “sometimes,” that’s not good enough. Hearing plays a critical role in safe driving and we’re here to help. Changes in hearing occur naturally with age, usually popping up around age 50. Thirty-three percent drivers over age 65 report some degree of hearing loss, according to Healthy Hearing. By adjusting your driving habits, and with help from some assistive technologies, you can stay safe on the road. Join me …

Volunteers: Thank You for All You Do

Posted on 04/17/2012 by |The Road Well Traveled | Comments

VolunteeringApril 15-21 marks National Volunteer Week—a week to recognize the extraordinary achievements of volunteers in their efforts to improve the lives of others through service. At AARP Driver Safety, we rely on a network of nearly 6,500 volunteers to instruct, promote, and coordinate our classroom course, CarFit, and “We Need to Talk” in local communities nationwide. In 2011, our volunteers helped over 550,000 drivers stay safe, educated, and confident. During National Volunteer Week last year, we recognized several exceptional Driver Safety volunteers, …