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Ray contributed to AARP's blog from 2006 to 2008. His blog posts have been archived for your reading pleasure!

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In the morning news

Posted on 01/24/2008 by |Archived Contributor | Comments

Bulletin TodayUSA Today: Trucking industry faces rough road Schneider National also became an employment team member with the AARP and has increased its number of drivers older than 50 by 46%. Wall Street Journal: Economic Slowdown Could Widen U.S. Budget Deficit But lawmakers were more alarmed by the CBO’s warnings about the approaching budget squeeze as baby boomers retire and begin drawing Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security benefits. The CBO projected that Medicare, the health plan for the elderly, and Medicaid, …

In the morning news

Posted on 01/23/2008 by |Archived Contributor | Comments

Bulletin TodayMSNBC: Save your parents’ finances (before they ruin yours) If our Moms and Dads are relying on us to pay for their expenses — from groceries to utility bills in early retirement to long-term health care in their 70s and 80s, how will that impact our own financial future? Los Angeles Times: Good for borrowers, bad for savers “It’s bad for seniors who are living on fixed incomes, but this gigantic baby boom generation is largely made up of borrowers,” …

In the morning news

Posted on 01/22/2008 by |Archived Contributor | Comments

Bulletin TodayNew York Times: Justices Add More Cases on Job Discrimination The employees won a jury trial, but the federal appeals court in New York eventually overturned the verdict on the ground that the employees had failed to carry their burden of showing that the evaluation system was unreasonable. In their Supreme Court appeal, supported by a brief filed by the AARP Foundation, the employees are arguing that the structure of the statute makes clear that the employer must prove reasonableness …

In the morning news

Posted on 01/18/2008 by |Archived Contributor | Comments

Bulletin TodayMarketwatch: More employers seeking 50+ workers AARP is adding three federal government agencies and six private companies to its list of employers looking to hire people 50 and older for a variety of full-time, part-time and seasonal jobs, the group announced Thursday. USA Today: Reverse mortgages aren’t for everyone “It’s a generational shift,” says John Rother, policy director at AARP. “Our parents’ generation saw the home as a bedrock of security, and it was a good deal to pay off …

In the morning news

Posted on 01/17/2008 by |Archived Contributor | Comments

Bulletin TodayUSA Today: How do you make a lump sum of your life’s savings last? “When you’re facing retirement, and you’re feeling desperate (because you haven’t saved enough), you’re more apt to fall for those too-good-to-be-true pitches,” says Jean Setzfand, director of financial security for AARP, the advocacy group for those over 50. USA Today: Will aging boomers lose benefits? Baby boomers grew up skeptical of authority, so it’s hardly surprising that some of them doubt the government will deliver the …

In the morning news

Posted on 01/16/2008 by |Archived Contributor | Comments

Bulletin TodayReuters: HMOs will be mainstay in Medicare for years “The overpayment issue is a big one and I’m certain it won’t go away,” said David Certner, legislative policy director at AARP, formerly the American Association of Retired Persons. Newhouse: Digital TV Transition May Take Seniors By Surprise There are education efforts, said Jo Reed, Washington-based AARP’s national coordinator for livable communities and consumer issues, but without considerable financial backing, such endeavors are unlikely to provide vital personalized and technical help. …