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I’m an interior designer, gerontologist, author of AARP Guide to Revitalizing Your Home: Beautiful Living in the Second Half of Life, and an adjunct Research Associate at Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City. I’m passionate about attractive and inspiring home and product designs that help us live healthier, more vibrant lives in today’s world.

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Window Treatments That Make Sense … and Are Pretty Too!

Posted on 04/18/2012 by |Rosemary In the House | Comments

Home & FamilyIt’s cherry blossom time in New York and, besides gardening, I’ve become obsessed with window coverings. Spring brings the promise of guests and the brilliance of the summer sun and, quite frankly, I’m not prepared for either. I’ve removed the former owner’s black out shades in the guest room, but haven’t gotten around to replacing them. It feels bare. Not exactly the feeling you’re after in a guest bedroom, is it? The master bedroom, which looks out over the wetlands, needs new window coverings …

Making an Entrance

Posted on 04/5/2012 by |Rosemary In the House | Comments

Home & FamilyDoors are opening for all of us in the world of home design. Never before have we had such a range of choices in home goods and new designs to help us age more gracefully in our own homes. But deciding what projects to tackle can be daunting, especially when money is tight. Believe me, I know. I bought my first home six months ago, and my list of things to do grows longer every day. Like you, I long …