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Amy Goyer


As an expert in aging and families, specializing in family caregiving and multigenerational issues, I am a consultant, speaker and writer. I've worked for more than 30 years with older adults, children with special needs and their families.

As AARP's Home & Family Expert, I provide expertise on a variety of issues, including family caregiving and aging in place, livable communities, grandparenting, parenting and other family relationships, multigenerational living and family history.

Right now the most important role I'm playing in life is that of primary caregiver for my parents who are 86 and 89. In 2009 I moved to Arizona to be close to my parents and I return to Washington, DC frequently for business. It's a crazy life but I'm grateful to be able to support my parents and do the work I love at the same time!

My Take Care blog posts are about caregiving for Mom and Dad, and you'll also hear about my partner in caregiving: the adorable Jackson, their service dog, who is a Schnoodle. My All in the Family blog posts are about a variety of family, friendship and other relationship issues. I also write a column on, act as a media spokesperson and am a regular guest on AARP radio. Author of "Things to do now you're a Grandparent." Winner of 2012 ALTY Best Blog Award in Caregiving category and Finalist in Social Media Rockstar Award.

My new book, "Juggling Work and Caregiving" will be released in fall of 2013.

Follow me on Twitter @amygoyer and Pinterest! Connect on Facebook, LinkedIn or I'm agoyer here in the AARP Online Community.

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8 Ways That Grandparents Really Rock!

Posted on 09/6/2013 by | Aging, Home & Family Expert | Comments

CaregivingThis Sunday is National Grandparents Day and to celebrate, I’ve compiled a list of the eight reasons I think grandparents are beyond fabulous: They’re grand role models. This generation of grandparents rocks, but not in a chair on the front porch. Today’s Grandma and Grandpa live more active, interesting lives than any generation before. They’ve been there, done that — and they’ve brought the grandkids T-shirts to prove it. Their values, skills and life experience make them people to look up …

More Grandparents Care for Grandkids, New Report Finds

Posted on 09/5/2013 by | Aging, Home & Family Expert | Comments

Bulletin TodayGrandma’s house isn’t only a great place to visit. For a growing number of children, it’s a great place to move in during bad economic times. A new report from the Pew Research Center, “At Grandmother’s House We Stay”, found that grandparents were the primary caregivers for more than 3 million children in 2011, a 20 percent increase from a decade earlier. According to Pew, those numbers surged between 2007 and 2009, in the midst of the Great Recession. Contest: …

Building Your Caregiving Team

Posted on 08/12/2013 by | Aging, Home & Family Expert | Comments

CaregivingAs a caregiver, I have had many “aha!” moments. The following excerpt from my upcoming book, AARP’s Juggling Work and Caregiving (available November 2013) describes one of those moments when I realized I needed to build up my caregiving team: Eight months after I’d relocated to Phoenix to help my parents, I found myself frozen, unable to drag myself out of bed and face my to-do list. I was emotionally exhausted and utterly overwhelmed. I leaned out of bed far enough to …

3 Things to Do Today to Prevent Falls

Posted on 08/6/2013 by | Aging, Home & Family Expert | Comments

CaregivingThe phone calls from my Dad have come all too often. “Amy, your mother has had a fall,”  he’d say. I’d slide out of bed into my shoes and race to my parents’ apartment, sometimes meeting the emergency squad when I arrived.  We’d spend hours in the emergency room, grateful every time she came home without any broken bones or a concussion. Each fall set her back, increasing pain and limiting her mobility.  That resulted in less strength, poor circulation …

5 Things I’ve Learned as a Caregiver

Posted on 07/29/2013 by | Aging, Home & Family Expert | Comments

CaregivingI recently had the great pleasure of returning to Indiana, the state of my birth, to speak at three local AARP Indiana Caregiver Connect forums in Ft. Wayne, Indianapolis and Merrillville. It was a bittersweet experience. My parents were with me on my last visit to Indiana, where they both were born and raised. But now travel would be very difficult for them, so most likely they won’t return to Indiana until they are gone from this earth. As a …

5 Tips for Caregivers: Take a Break!

Posted on 07/10/2013 by | Aging, Home & Family Expert | Comments

CaregivingA colleague recently cautioned me about using the term “respite” because she thought people wouldn’t know its meaning. I found this ironic, because I actually believe it’s more likely that most of us don’t know how it feels rather than what it means in terms of getting a break from caring for family and friends. We rarely get to experience time completely away from the responsibility and stress of caregiving. That’s why I feel so lucky to have recently returned …