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Austin O'Connor covered television, film, gaming, gadgets and all kinds of entertainment for Follow him on twitter: @austinjoconnor

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‘Our Nixon’: History in Home Movies

Posted on 08/1/2013 by |Television and Entertainment | Comments

EntertainmentNext year marks the 40th anniversary of the culmination of the Watergate scandal, which ended in the summer of 1974 when Richard Nixon defiantly boarded a helicopter on the White House lawn and left his presidency — and the American public’s trust in their government — smoldering on the ground below. Nixon died in 1994 — he would have turned 100 this year — but his legacy remains a living, breathing entity. The latest entry in Nixonography is the documentary Our …

‘Springsteen & I’: A Love Letter to The Boss

Posted on 07/25/2013 by |Television and Entertainment | Comments

EntertainmentI suppose it goes without saying that your level of enjoyment of the new documentary Springsteen & I, which premiered Monday night in movie theaters and screens again in select cities on July 30, will be in direct correlation to your proximity to New Jersey and/or your ability to recite all the lyrics to “Rosalita.” As I fall into that category of fist-pumping fans who have attended dozens of Bruce Springsteen concerts, I had a great time watching it. But it …

‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ Returns on TLC

Posted on 07/23/2013 by |Television and Entertainment | Comments

EntertainmentResearching your family tree used to be a tedious, time-consuming project involving dusty paper records. The Internet age has changed all that. With so much information a simple search phrase away, and so many online services ready to help you track down and document your family history (for a fee, of course), genealogy is one of the booming businesses of the digital age. Its appeal makes sense: A genealogy search pursues tangible family connections using the ethereal, high-tech connections of …

Binge Watch These Odd, Fun New Shows

Posted on 07/12/2013 by |Television and Entertainment | Comments

EntertainmentOrange is the New Black — the latest original show from Netflix, and maybe its strongest so far — is a tough series to categorize. The story of Piper Kerman, a young, happily engaged woman sent to federal prison for a long-ago crime, isn’t exactly a comedy, though it has funny moments. It’s also not a drama, at least not in the contemplative, moody mold of recent new entries like The Bridge and Ray Donovan. Orange is the New Black, …

‘The Newsroom’: Love It or Leave It, It’s Back

Posted on 07/12/2013 by |Television and Entertainment | Comments

EntertainmentThere was a moment in last season’s finale of HBO’s The Newsroom when Will McAvoy, the bombastic TV anchorman played by Jeff Daniels, shot forward on his hospital bed and bellowed to a co-worker “I don’t think I’m coming back!” He was talking about his return from a drug-induced bleeding ulcer to the cable newscast over which he presides, but weary viewers, impatient with the preachy prattle that passed for the first season of Aaron Sorkin’s Treatise on the State …

‘The Bridge’: Intriguing New Cop Drama On FX

Posted on 07/9/2013 by |Television and Entertainment | Comments

EntertainmentThe Bridge begins with the sudden appearance of a dead body, sliced in half at the torso and straddling the U.S./Mexican border. The crossing is closely watched by dozens of cameras and round-the-clock security personnel — how the body parts were placed there undetected is but the first mystery presented in this moody, unnerving new crime drama, which premieres Wednesday night at 10 on FX. FX is a network on a roll, with a stable of dramatic hits that includes …