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Best of Everything After 50

Barbara Hannah Grufferman


I wrote "The Best of Everything After 50: The Experts' Guide to Style, Sex, Health, Money and More" because I wanted to be the best I could be after 50. I've had the good fortune to become a front-page columnist for Huffington Post, Chief Pundit for FOF (FabOverFifty), and Positive Living editor for GLOW Beauty Magazine, in addition to one of AARP's newest columnists. AARP just launched "The Best of Everything" video series on its AARP YouTube Channel.

A frequent guest on national television, including the Today Show, CBS' The Early Show, Good Morning America and Dr. Oz, I love to yak it up on radio shows around the country whenever I'm invited. Because of my focus on healthy and positive aging, the National Osteoporosis Foundation recently honored me with the Generations of Strength Award and named me Ambassador for Bone Health. Yay!

Last bit of info: I live in NYC with my husband, two daughters (one of whom is in college!), and rescued dog, Gunther, a frequent running companion. Oh, and I'm hard at work on my next book! I'm fearless after fifty and ready for what's next. Join me . . .

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One Thing Boomers Didn’t Get Right (But Still Can)

Posted on 02/10/2014 by | Best of Everything After 50 | Comments

Beauty & Fashion2014 is a pivotal year for boomers: It’s when the last wave of us — that is, those born from 1946 to 1964 — turn 50. To spotlight this cultural sea change, AARP is staging a number of events, including Life@50+ celebrations in Boston (May 8-10) and San Diego (Sept. 4-6). The advocacy group also created this short video to put the accomplishments — and people — of this generation in focus: As a boomer born in 1956, I’m proud …

Dating After 50: Stop Looking for the Wrong Person

Posted on 01/31/2014 by | Best of Everything After 50 | Comments

Beauty & FashionI know a lot of men and women over 50 who are looking for love . . . in all the wrong places. It’s not that they’re sidestepping some of the great new ways to meet new people, like online. And, they’re definitely putting themselves out there more to spread the net a bit wider. No, the problem runs much deeper. According to Bobbi Palmer, the dating expert I recently interviewed, it seems that too many of us hold on …

Relationship Fix: Spend More Time Apart!

Posted on 01/23/2014 by | Best of Everything After 50 | Comments

Beauty & FashionSince my book The Best of Everything After 50: The Experts’ Guide to Style, Sex, Health,  Money and More, was published, I have been getting emails from people asking for advice on all kinds of topics, from eating well to starting a running program to dealing with a spouse who cheats. One question I hear often is this: What happens when couples spend too much time together and it puts a damper on their relationship? This can be especially true for …

5 Kitchen Products That Make Cheap Beauty Substitutes

Posted on 01/20/2014 by | Best of Everything After 50 | Comments

Beauty & FashionI have no problem spending money on beauty products  — especially if they work! For example, I love my jar of Clinique Moisture Surge and my small stash of By Terry Baume de Rose for Lips. But, both products are expensive. The truth is, there are products that are a fraction of the cost and may do the job just as well, if not better. And the best part? Most of them are in your kitchen. Yes, that’s right. In your kitchen. I did …

Over 50 and at a Sexual Crossroads? Watch This!

Posted on 01/9/2014 by | Best of Everything After 50 | Comments

Beauty & FashionCouples who have been in relationships for a long time often find their sex lives screeching to a halt as they get older. What’s worse, they often think it’s their fault, when in fact, it could very well be because of something his or her partner is going through. Sure. menopause can sometimes make sex uncomfortable, and cause our libido to drop off. But just as often, a man’s sex drive might slow down because of medications he’s on. There’s …

In 2014 I Will…Embrace Positive Aging!

Posted on 12/30/2013 by | Best of Everything After 50 | Comments

Beauty & FashionWith the holidays in the rear-view mirror, many of us are scribbling lists of ways to improve ourselves in the New Year: Lose weight. Change jobs. Spend less. Save more. But why not try something completely different this year? Rather than resolving to change yourself, how about embracing  yourself? It starts with your age: Once you’ve embraced your age, work your way toward embracing and loving your shape…your looks…everything about the way you are now. That’s the essence of positive …