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Carole Fleck


As a senior editor for AARP Media, Carole Fleck covers personal finance, the economy, older worker, retirement planning and other news affecting people 50-plus.

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Some Retirees Regret Taking Social Security Early

Posted on 06/5/2014 by |Money and Work | Comments

Bulletin Today | Money & Savings | WorkDeciding when to take Social Security is one of the most important retirement planning decisions people make — and many retirees say they got it wrong. As many as 38 percent of 573 retirees surveyed by the Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute, a unit of Nationwide Mutual Insurance, say they regret taking their benefit early, which locked in their lower monthly payment for life, and wish they had waited. When you look at the differences in their monthly payout, you can understand their remorse. Those …

Who Is Taking Early Social Security Benefits?

Posted on 05/28/2014 by |Money and Work | Comments

Bulletin Today | Money & SavingsFinancial planners have been advising us to wait as long as possible to collect Social Security to maximize the benefit. A new study finds that many middle-income workers haven’t heeded that call. They were more likely than higher earners to claim their benefit early and live on a permanently reduced payout for the rest of their lives. According to a Government Accountability Office (GAO) study, workers took their benefit early for a variety of reasons: They didn’t expect to live …

Tech Start-Ups Discover Boomer Market

Posted on 05/20/2014 by |Money and Work | Comments

Personal HealthScoot over, millennials. You’re no longer the predominantly sought-after demographic for Silicon Valley start-ups. Boomers are about to become the new target market for tech-company entrepreneurs, reports. In the past, tech firms seemed to ignore the $750 billion boomer market, which accounts for half of all discretionary spending in the United States, Slate notes. Now a new generation of start-ups is poised to tap into that wealth by focusing on how technology can meet the needs of older adults. For instance, Rock Health, …

IBM Halts Practice of Disclosing Ages of Fired Workers

Posted on 05/12/2014 by |Money and Work | Comments

Bulletin Today | WorkAt IBM, older workers who believe they were fired because of their age may have a harder time proving their claim under a new company policy, Bloomberg News reports. The New York-based tech company is no longer providing fired workers over age 40 with the ages and job titles of other older workers dismissed in a group layoff, the report said. That disclosure is important because it helps fired employees assess whether IBM has potentially demonstrated a pattern of age discrimination …

Debt Collectors Fined, Told to Back Off

Posted on 05/9/2014 by |Money and Work | Comments

Bulletin Today | Money & SavingsHere’s some good news for people hounded by relentless debt collectors and hauled into court. Two of the nation’s biggest debt collection companies have agreed to stop lawsuits against borrowers and drop collections on some $16 million in judgments. In a settlement with New York authorities, Portfolio Recovery Associates, based in Norfolk, Va., and Sherman Financial Group, based in New York, also agreed to pay fines to settle allegations that they violated state law by pursuing borrowers for debts that …

What’s Mom Worth? Between $62,985 and $118,905

Posted on 05/8/2014 by |Money and Work | Comments

Bulletin Today | WorkIt’s difficult to put a price tag on moms (or so we’d like to think). Nevertheless, as Mother’s Day approaches this Sunday, two websites calculated a mom’s worth based on her various jobs around the house. Think top chef, chief accountant, chauffeur and teacher. Using Bureau of Labor Statistics wage data that correlates with those jobs outside the home, said moms are worth $62,985 in 2014. That’s higher than their value last year, which was $59,862. >> Sign up for …