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What makes a community a great place — for people of all ages? Find innovative ideas from people across the country who are making homes, neighborhoods, cities, towns and states age-friendly places to live! Learn more at

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Should You Stay or Should You Go?

Posted on 04/9/2014 by |AARP Education & Outreach | Comments

Great PlacesPost by Melissa Stanton, AARP: AARP research consistently finds that older adults (for the purposes of the survey that’s age 45-plus) want to stay in their homes and communities for as long as possible. >> Sign up for the AARP Livable Communities Newsletter That can be done by staying put and “aging in place,” which may require making some design or decorating adjustments to your home, and by living in an “age-friendly community,” which is a city, town or neighborhood …

Aloha, Complete Streets!

Posted on 04/1/2014 by |AARP Education & Outreach | Comments

Great PlacesPost by Josh Perlman, AARP: To tourists and aspiring tourists, Hawaii typically means tropical beaches, balmy breezes, beautiful scenery and, perhaps, pineapple. To residents, Hawaii is all those things, as well as being a place where it’s sometimes a challenge to safely cross the road. Sign up for the Livable Communities Newsletter   In the spring of 2012 the Honolulu City Council passed a Complete Streets ordinance to put important street safety concepts into practice so the region’s roads could …

Where Have All Our Young People Gone?

Posted on 03/31/2014 by |AARP Education & Outreach | Comments

Great PlacesGuest post by Dan Burden, Walkable and Livable Communities Institute: I climbed the stairs off a thriving Main Street tucked into a Seattle neighborhood and entered a large, open room where 25 young people sat staring at computers, joking around as they worked. They were all in their 20s and it was Friday, so they wore cat shirts — a new take on Casual Day. This was the nerve center of Walk Score, a hip company launched on a whim …

Talking About the Home You Want

Posted on 03/4/2014 by |AARP Education & Outreach | Comments

Great PlacesGuest post by Beth Tracton-Bishop, The Hartford Center on Mature Market Excellence Have you ever thought, “I wish my kitchen looked like that,” when you visited a friend’s house or watched a home design show on TV? Do you share a home with a spouse, other family member, partner or pal? If you answered yes to both questions — and you’re actually considering redecorating or renovating your home — the most helpful first step may be to have a conversation. …

10 Most Bikeable Cities in the U.S.

Posted on 02/28/2014 by |AARP Education & Outreach | Comments

Great PlacesPost by Melissa Stanton, AARP: Thanks to the growth of bike-sharing programs, bicycling as a regular means of transportation has become so common in cosmopolitan cities such as New York, Paris and Washington, D.C., that it’s not unusual to see men and women in full business attire — suits, ties, skirts, heels — pedaling their way to or from work. And since bicycling is a great form of exercise as well as a handy way to get around, adults of …

The Best Complete Streets Policies of 2013

Posted on 02/18/2014 by |AARP Education & Outreach | Comments

Great PlacesPost by Josh Perlman, AARP: Creating a great place for all ages begins in the streets. Complete Streets policies ensure that a community’s roads are safe for all users — drivers as well as pedestrians, bicyclists, public transit riders, schoolchildren, older adults. States, cities and towns can look to these policies in order to build road networks that are “safer, more livable and welcoming to everyone,” according to the National Complete Streets Coalition, a program of Smart Growth America. Stay …