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Laura Hahn writes about intergenerational friendship on her blog, Arthur & Bernie. Arthur is her friend. Bernie was her grandfather, Pop Pop. Laura’s work has appeared in People, Good Housekeeping and more. Follow her on Twitter @arthurandbernie

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A Winter’s Tale: Helping Seniors Weather the Cold

Posted on 01/23/2013 by | Volunteering | Comments

Your LifeThere’s a woman who sits in the square outside my office. Her name is Anna, and she’s 92. Her caregiver Magda wheels her there, just a couple blocks from her apartment, so she can feed the birds. Or, as Anna, a lifelong New Yorker, says, “the boyds.” Seeing Anna in the square is like seeing my friend Arthur at the theater. It’s her happy place. She could spend hours there, watching the boyds fly up to the rooftops and down …

The Gift I Didn’t Know I Needed

Posted on 12/26/2012 by | Volunteering | Comments

Your LifeBefore my Pop Pop died, we had a conversation about our conversations. “I miss our talks,” I said one night, sitting by his bed. It was August and, though the doctors said he was in good health, he was miserable. During the day, the pain consumed him and I wondered where my grandfather went, but for an hour or so at bedtime, the Pop Pop I knew came back. “I know you’re hurting, and it’s hard to think about anything …

A Modern Family: Bringing Generations Together for Dinner

Posted on 11/20/2012 by | Volunteering | Comments

Your LifeIn the three years I’ve known Arthur, we’ve never once sat at his dinner table — until last Thursday. We’ve eaten together plenty, don’t you worry. Food is very much a part of our visits. On my walks from work to his apartment, I usually pick up something for us to share — Vietnamese summer rolls, maybe, or cheese and a baguette. If the weather permits, we go to the farmer’s market nearby or to the food trucks lined up …

50 Life Lessons My Pop Pop Taught Me – Part 2

Posted on 10/24/2012 by | Volunteering | Comments

Your LifeEditor’s Note: This is the last installment of a two-part series. Did you miss Part 1? Don’t fret, you can view it here.  It’s been a little over a month since we lost my Pop Pop, the Bernie in my blog Arthur & Bernie. He was 96, so it’s hard to say it came as a shock, but somehow, it did. The road through grief is a bumpy one. To help, I put together a list of important lessons I …

50 Life Lessons My Pop Pop Taught Me – Part 1

Posted on 10/17/2012 by | Volunteering | Comments

Your LifeEditor’s note: This is first in a two part series. It’s been one month since I lost my Pop Pop, the Bernie in my blog Arthur & Bernie. He was 96, so it’s hard to say it came as a shock, but somehow, it did. He is finally at peace after months of struggle, and for that, I am thankful. It’s difficult, though, moving on with life as usual, when I’ve never known it without him. For 30 years, Pop …

Caregiving, When Everything Hurts

Posted on 08/16/2012 by | Volunteering | Comments

Your LifeA week ago, I visited my Pop Pop for his 96th birthday. I brought a big sign with me, with dozens of messages from people all over the country — family in Indiana, friends in Mississippi, Twitter followers from Boston and D.C. and Kansas. Even Arthur, who I introduced in my first post here, got in on the surprise. “How ya doin, pal?” he wrote. I figured my grandfather, the best keeper-in-toucher I know, would get a kick out of …