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I am an interior designer, motivational public speaker and philanthropist. Dubbed a "warrior princess" by best selling author Michael Lewis, My family's lives were chronicled in the blockbuster book and award winning movie The Blind Side.

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Thinking of Adoption After 50? Time to Tune In on Fridays

Posted on 06/7/2013 by |Volunteering | Comments

Your LifeThink back for a minute … for some of us there are more of those available minutes to remember than others BUT … think about when you were a child and you were afraid, truly afraid. I vividly remember the evening we received a late night phone call and my mother’s brother had had a massive heart attack in another city, and the prognosis looked grim. It was doubtful my mother would arrive in time to get to see him again. Obviously, she was a hysterical …

Gifting Made Easy

Posted on 12/14/2012 by |Volunteering | Comments

Your LifeAre you starting to feel the anticipation and anxiety of the Holidays? Well are you? No matter how much you plan, prepare, prod the spouse or pout the holiday season still makes most of our blood pressure rise sometimes between December first and the twenty fifth!  I have heard of every remedy imaginable to prevent this roller coaster of emotions, but honestly none of them work. However, now after living over a half of a century, I might just have the …

What’s Your Happiness Formula?

Posted on 05/22/2012 by |Volunteering | Comments

Your LifeResearch suggests that we are all chasing happiness. All individuals are wired pretty much the same way, and it seems that the ultimate goal is to be full of joy and contentment. We are all seeking everlasting happiness. What is it that shapes your emotional well-being? What is it that rings your bell? What makes your heart beat faster? What is it that gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling called happiness? I would imagine a vast majority of people will answer …

A Mother’s Love is Special, it’s Never too Late to Say Happy Mother’s Day

Posted on 05/16/2012 by |Volunteering | Comments

Your LifeUpon my weekly, actually sometimes daily, ritual of going to Walgreens and Target, which are both a block from my house, I couldn’t help but get caught up in all the Mother’s Day merchandise that was now on sale. Wow, so many things were not purchased for that special person who we all refer to as Mom. I immediately glanced over at all the greeting cards that had a big red sign over them that read  “half-price”…hmmm…I wondered what did one card say that …

Manning Up. How to Dodge Life’s Lake Flies

Posted on 05/8/2012 by |Volunteering | Comments

Your LifeMan Up! This really is an underrated phrase. It really speaks volumes and in my mind paints a very vivid picture.  In all things we do….Man Up!  These two simple words scream so many things to me. They scream:  toughen up, give it up, fess up, stand up, wise up, team up, dress up, show up, shut up, keep up, listen up, and on and on and on. The two little words cover a large territory. If we all would …

How to Keep Calm, Carry On and Use Your Emotions for Good

Posted on 05/1/2012 by |Volunteering | Comments

Your LifeWhose job is it to make you a good person? Are you one of those folks that stereotypes people? Do you usually do the right thing? Whose job is it to tell you to forgive and forget?  Do we look to others for this? Do we depend on Judge Judy to do this or Dr. Phil or perhaps the person you sleep with at night? My opinion is and I believe it with all my heart, that responsibility lies with …