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I am an interior designer, motivational public speaker and philanthropist. Dubbed a "warrior princess" by best selling author Michael Lewis, My family's lives were chronicled in the blockbuster book and award winning movie The Blind Side.

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It’s Time to Readjust Our Outlook on Aging. Why the Elderly are National Treasures

Posted on 02/28/2012 by |Volunteering | Comments

Your LifeWhat does “older American” mean? Seriously…I see that term used more and more often. This past week it actually hit me right in the face and made me laugh. I had my mother with me out of town on a job. My mom is in her early seventies, and I never categorized her as an older American. When I flipped through some definitions of the words old and older, the answers I found amused me… far advanced in years of …

All the Presidents’ Choices

Posted on 02/20/2012 by |Volunteering | Comments

Your LifeDo you know who John Tyler was? What was your first thought? What about James Garfield? No, that is not the full name of the cat in the cartoon! Both of these men are past Presidents of The United States. This week we celebrate Presidents’ Day. Do you know who the twelfth president of the US was? Quick, no running through some poem or little song in your head you learned in third grade. I have no idea who he …

This Valentine’s Day, Make an Effort to Invest in Your 401k Called Love – Everyday!

Posted on 02/14/2012 by |Volunteering | Comments

Your LifeFebruary is the month that we correlate with love. You know as the song says, “a crazy little thing called love.” Do our head and heart work together and come up with a plan? Do they see a certain person and the head tells the heart this the first crush or this is the one who will be the lasting and deep attachment? Have you ever wondered why we fall in love with the one person and not another? We …

That’s the Way the Ball Bounces!

Posted on 02/8/2012 by |Volunteering | Comments

Your LifeHow many times have I said, “Life’s not fair”??? We’ve discussed how inches really make a difference. I’ve talked about how you can either be in the game or on the sidelines. Sunday during the Super Bowl, each and every one of those analogies rang true, even up to the very last play of the game. Tom Brady chunked a Hail Mary pass and it could have gone either way. It was just as great a possibility for that ball …

Kindness is Always the Right Path

Posted on 02/1/2012 by |Volunteering | Comments

Your LifeLet me start by telling you this is not what I had intended to write about this week, but after several twist and turns on Tuohy Turnpike 101, I did a Dukes of Hazard slide and changed directions. First, I never imagined so many of you would enjoy my blog post on the time spent in the ladies’ room last Sunday. I’m so glad some of you enjoyed the experience, even if you were living vicariously through me. Secondly, you are …

A Day in the Life of a Football Mom. Why Manners are a Must!

Posted on 01/26/2012 by |Volunteering | Comments

Your LifeLet me ask you a serious question. How many of you have ever spent any quality time in the ladies’ restroom at an NFL stadium, excluding “most” males? It’s really much more pleasant than you might think. However, my experience outside this secure place was much different. In fact, Roger Goodell should insist that the NFL offer life skill classes to teach folks to interact properly with other fans. The League is multicultural and contemporary, but I spent the entire day …