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Lisa T. McElroy is a law professor at the Drexel University School of Law. She regularly comments on legal issues on CBS Radio and several NPR affiliates, as well as in newspapers, journals, and blogs like the New York Times, the National Law Journal and the Huffington Post.

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Wal-Mart Charged With Age Discrimination

Posted on 03/28/2014 by |Legal Grounds | Comments

Bulletin TodayIn 2011, Wal-Mart was the talk of the nation when a gender discrimination case against the huge discount store chain went all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. The plaintiffs in the case lost for procedural reasons, not for anything having to do with their discrimination claims. The accusations of gender discrimination have never been disproved, and several of the plaintiffs in the original case have filed new lawsuits. Fast forward to March 2014, and Wal-Mart’s in the news …

The Newest Challenge to Voting

Posted on 03/25/2014 by |Legal Grounds | Comments

Bulletin TodayThe right to vote. Seems like it was settled a long time ago, when we gave women the vote, did away with poll taxes and lowered the voting age to 18. But voter ID requirements, most recently proof-of-citizenship requirements, continue to raise new challenges to casting a ballot in many states — especially for minority, poor or older Americans. Last week, a federal trial court judge in Wichita, Kan., ruled that Kansas and Arizona could require voters to provide proof …

Ponzi Victims Can Sue, Supreme Court Says

Posted on 03/11/2014 by |Legal Grounds | Comments

Bulletin TodayIn 2012, Robert Allen Stanford was convicted of running a Ponzi scheme that bilked investors to the tune of $7 billion. While that might be only a fraction of the $65 billion that Bernard Madoff got away with, it’s still about 10 percent of New York City’s budget for 2013. Stanford was sentenced to 110 years in prison, but his victims demanded more than just jail time. While they couldn’t sue Stanford directly, they could, they argued, sue the firms …

AARP Sues to Protect Widowed Homeowners With Reverse Mortgages

Posted on 03/4/2014 by |Legal Grounds | Comments

Bulletin TodayAt the time AARP took up their cause, Robert Bennett of Annapolis, Md., and Leila Joseph of Brooklyn, N.Y., had several things in common. They were older Americans. They were widowed. They were homeowners. And they both faced foreclosure and eviction on reverse mortgage loans. So when AARP won a big lawsuit on their behalf against the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) several months ago, it was great news. Now, AARP Foundation Litigation has filed a class-action …

Daughter Charged With Assisted Suicide Is Exonerated

Posted on 02/25/2014 by |Legal Grounds | Comments

Bulletin TodayIt’s difficult to know what to do for a loved one in the end stages of a terminal illness. Certainly, palliative care is often very effective, and it’s the preferred approach for almost everyone who is dying in pain. But for some, palliative care isn’t enough. Four states – Montana, Oregon, Vermont and Washington – allow a terminally ill patient to choose to end his life and ask for assistance in doing so. There’s no doubt that assisted suicide is …

An Unusual Challenge to an Actress’s Will

Posted on 02/11/2014 by |Legal Grounds | Comments

Bulletin TodayImagine that you die after a long series of illnesses. Because you’ve been successful in your field and leave a considerable estate. You might expect a will challenge – sure. But from your former lawyer?  Now, that’s one weird situation. But that’s exactly what has happened with the estate of Julie Harris, the renowned actress who died late last summer. Back in 2009, Harris had fired long-time lawyer Herbert Nass, who was potentially the executor of her will.  Several months …