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Lisa T. McElroy is a law professor at the Drexel University School of Law. She regularly comments on legal issues on CBS Radio and several NPR affiliates, as well as in newspapers, journals, and blogs like the New York Times, the National Law Journal and the Huffington Post.

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EEOC Making Do With Less

Posted on 12/19/2013 by | Legal Grounds | Comments

Bulletin Today2013 was a rough year for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. First there was the sequester, which cut the agency’s budget by 5 percent and forced the agency to furlough employees for up to 40 hours. Then there was the 16-day government shutdown, during which only 5 percent of the EEOC’s employees were allowed to work, making it impossible for its lawyers there to review claims, litigate them or mediate them. Even so, the EEOC recovered more money for victims …

Age Bias Claims: Up Despite Being Harder to Prove

Posted on 12/11/2013 by | Legal Grounds | Comments

Bulletin TodayOnly a few months ago, the New York Times was reporting that few lawyers will take age discrimination cases, in part because of a new, tougher standard that the U.S. Supreme Court imposed a few years back. But that doesn’t mean older workers have stopped filing claims with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  Last year, in fact, nearly 23,000 people filed age discrimination claims with the EEOC, an increase of more than 6,000 claims over 2006. Sure, with the aging …

Beware the ‘Befriender’

Posted on 12/3/2013 by | Legal Grounds | Comments

Bulletin TodayIt’s often true that older people feel lonelier as their children leave the nest, their friends move south and their spouses pass away. That’s one reason they’re particularly vulnerable to new “friends” who in truth are out to exploit them. As Katherine Pearson, a professor at Penn State’s Dickinson School of Law, explains in the Elder Law Prof Blog, these “befrienders” aim to gain the trust — and eventually access to the assets — of their victims. But if you …

Should Elder Abusers Be Able to Inherit From Their Victims?

Posted on 11/20/2013 by | Legal Grounds | Comments

Bulletin TodaySay there’s an older adult — let’s call her Judy — who has difficulty caring for herself. Judy’s son, Charles, is her primary caretaker, but he abuses her, pinching her and refusing to give her dinner if she doesn’t stay quiet during his favorite TV show.  Judy’s doctor notices that she has bruises on her arms and is rapidly losing weight; she reports Charles to family services, and Charles is eventually convicted of felony abuse. After several months, Judy dies of unrelated …

Johnson & Johnson to Take $4 Billion Hit

Posted on 11/15/2013 by | Legal Grounds | Comments

Bulletin TodayRecently I wrote about how Johnson & Johnson inappropriately marketed Risperdal to treat agitation, confusion and other symptoms in older patients with dementia. As if that’s not enough, the company’s now tentatively agreeing to a $4 billion — yes, that’s billion — settlement with thousands of patients for whom a company-made hip implant failed. As the New York Times described it this week, J & J’s Depuy Orthapaedics unit made and marketed its Articular Surface Replacement, an all-metal hip implant, to doctors …

Your Town Tells You to Move. Would You?

Posted on 11/14/2013 by | Legal Grounds | Comments

Bulletin TodayImagine that you’ve lived in the same neighborhood for most of your life. Your friends, your family, your personal history are all rooted there. Sure, the neighborhood isn’t as desirable as it once was. It’s fallen on hard times, and there’s a lot of crime. But it’s home. Then the town decides that your neighborhood is a dump. It wants to make the working-class area more upscale by “revitalizing” it, but that means displacing you and your neighbors, most of …