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Why I Won’t Celebrate ‘Bring Your Parents to Work Day’

Posted on 11/6/2013 by |General News | Comments

Your LifeLate yesterday, I got an email reminding me that today is the first annual “Bring Your Parents to Work Day.” LinkedIn, which created the occasion, describes it as “a global initiative designed to help bridge the gap between parents and their professional children.” When I read this my first reaction was, What gap? The millennials certainly don’t have anything approaching the generation gap we boomers had with our moms and dads. My second reaction was to email my 24-year-old, who, by …

The Opt-Out Revolution: A Boomer Perspective

Posted on 08/10/2013 by |General News | Comments

Bulletin Today | Your LifeAs a “working mother” since the late 1980s, I’ve read — even written — countless stories over the years on challenges of trying to juggle kids and a career. Media attention to the topic always kicks up a conversation: From the mommy track and the mommy wars to opting out and leaning in, these articles have all wrestled with the same basic question: Is it really possible for women to  “have it all” — or at least a manageable balance? The …

A Disappointed Fan of HBO’s Girls

Posted on 01/28/2013 by |General News | Comments

EntertainmentLast night’s episode of HBO’s Girls opened with Hannah, an aspiring writer, discussing a potential assignment with the editor of a website, Jazzhate.  The editor shows Hannah a wall where the words “This is Your Comfort Zone” are inside a frame.  Off to the side, it says: “This is where the magic happens.”  Hannah wants to be sure. “So the magic happens outside your comfort zone?” she deadpans, as the editor nods. Much of what happened throughout the third episode …

HBO’s Girls: The Millennial Dating Scene

Posted on 01/14/2013 by |General News | Comments

Your LifeThe Sunday Styles section of yesterday’s New York Times featured an article entitled, “The End of Courtship,” about the complicated dating scene that millennials are navigating as they struggle to find a romantic partner. Last night’s first episode of the second season of Girls touched on much the same theme.  Both left me wondering how much different dating really is today from when we were that age. Ever since it debuted last year, I’ve been a huge fan of the HBO …

Five Reasons to Watch Girls, Season Two

Posted on 01/9/2013 by |General News | Comments

Your LifeAs a fifty-something baby boomer, I probably don’t fall within the target demographic for the critically acclaimed, endlessly discussed, highly controversial and wildly popular television series, Girls. But I certainly count myself among producer Lena Dunham’s biggest fans.  I loved the YouTube videos she made when she was still in college, and thought her first feature film, Tiny Furniture, was awesome. Last season, I couldn’t wait for Sunday nights so I could watch the half-hour episodes, which chronicle the post-college …

Women Power: The Key to Avoiding the Fiscal Cliff

Posted on 12/13/2012 by |General News | Comments

Bulletin Today | PoliticsWhat would it take to keep the country from heading over the fiscal cliff? More women running the show! That seems to be the consensus of a bipartisan group of women U.S. Senators, interviewed earlier this week by ABC World News Anchor Diane Sawyer. “I think if we were in charge of the Senate and of the Administration that we would have a budget deal by now,” Republican Sen. Susan Collins of Maine told Sawyer, as 18 of her colleagues …