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Suzie Mitchell is a mom and boomer who writes about technology for her generation. She loves discovering apps and websites that make life easier. She hopes young app and website developers hear boomers and produce apps they can actually use. Follow her at @SUZIEMITCHELL on Twitter or

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Upgrading to Apple’s iOS 7? You May Want to Wait

Posted on 10/30/2013 by |Technology | Comments

TechnologyIf you are using an iPhone 4, 4S or 5, and are thinking about upgrading to Apple’s new operating system iOS 7—be prepared for a learning curve. I hear a lot of talk these days about iOS 7, but a lot of it isn’t very positive—especially when it comes from 60-something users on older phones. For starters, the iPhone 4 and 4S may not have enough memory to handle the upgrade without  removing some apps and photos to open up …

Social Media Overwhelmed? Fear Not, These Apps Can Help

Posted on 05/16/2013 by |Technology | Comments

TechnologyAs a boomer who launched a new company a little over a year ago, I’ve had to learn a tremendous amount about social media, and how to use it. Even though I’ve owned my own business for more than 20 years, my promotional skills were a bit stale. Like many others in my generation I relied on traditional advertising and public relations for marketing. As far as social media, I had a website, and shared stories on Facebook with friends, …

Fun Apps for 50+ Users — Memory Games, Easy Video Editing & More

Posted on 04/29/2013 by |Technology | Comments

TechnologyI decided to dedicate one week to trying some new applications purely designed to amuse me. No time management apps, no healthcare apps, no organization apps, no how to count calorie apps —just enjoyable apps. After a bit of playing around, here’s my list of four fun apps for the 50+ crowd: Candycrush Why it’s cool: It’s a new simple game that actually exercises your mind, but keeps your adrenaline flowing so you don’t realize it’s training your memory. How it works: …

Digifit: An Integrated Exercise App

Posted on 04/4/2013 by |Technology | Comments

TechnologyI’m hooked on health and fitness digital devices. I’ve become a fitness gadget slave in my quest to burn the most calories possible during daily exercise and now, with the Digifit App, all my stats are in one place. I’m in love. Digifit has rocked my workout world. The free app works on the Android and iPhone and does all the basics like track your workouts, record times and analyze results. But the real wonders come when you pay $7.99 …

5 Great Travel Apps for the 50+ crowd

Posted on 03/6/2013 by |Technology | Comments

TechnologyTraveling can be complicated. There are so many choices — like which airline to fly, which seat to select, which hotel to pick, which restaurants to sample, and which sights to explore. The Internet helps when making the early decisions, but once you’re on the ground in new territory, mobile apps are handy. But again — so many choices! As always, I look for apps that are easy for people like me, in the 50+ category, to navigate, understand and …

Forks, fitbits and phones highlight CES for 50+

Posted on 01/11/2013 by |Technology | Comments

TechnologyI spent two days at the massive Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas searching for mobile apps and gadgets that could help people 50+ enhance their lives. I saw many products including newfangled televisions, stereo speakers the size of an egg, wristwatch phones (yes, Dick Tracy fans, they have arrived!), cars that drive themselves and completely tricked out smart phone cases that all could be used by boomers and seniors.  While many of the gadgets would be fun to …