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Suzie Mitchell is a mom and boomer who writes about technology for her generation. She loves discovering apps and websites that make life easier. She hopes young app and website developers hear boomers and produce apps they can actually use. Follow her at @SUZIEMITCHELL on Twitter or

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Karma from an App? That’s Right.

Posted on 08/9/2012 by |Technology | Comments

TechnologyAbout a month ago, I was having dinner with a friend and prodding him about his favorite mobile apps.  After a few minutes of talking about some that he liked the most, he suggested an app developed by kids from our neighborhood. “You remember Lee Linden,” he said.  “He went to high school with our kids.  He played soccer with your son.” “Oh right,” I responded, recalling his Dad cheering beside me in the stands. Excitedly, my friend began to …

Catch Up On the Olympics With a Few Apps

Posted on 08/2/2012 by |Technology | Comments

TechnologyHey, Olympics fans. Not around a TV? NBC isn’t broadcasting live? Have I found an app for you: the Reuters Olympics app. I’ve tried all of the apps made for the Olympics. This one outshines the others—by far.  It is full of the best live photos and magic moments captured by the Reuters photographers. I prefer using this on my iPad rather than on my smartphone because it is a bit easier to navigate and the picture resolution  is so …

On The Road Again, With These Apps

Posted on 07/26/2012 by |Technology | Comments

TechnologyThe dog days of summer can be great for traveling.  But if you want to enrich the experience, grab your smartphone and load up on a few great apps before you hit the road. If you are driving, be sure to have the GasBuddy app front and center. (Operated by your helpful spouse, of course – don’t do this while driving!) This app uses your smartphone’s GPS device to pinpoint your location and gives you the rundown of service station …

App of the Week: Is there a Doctor in the House?

Posted on 07/12/2012 by |Technology | Comments

TechnologySo you’re on vacation or on a business trip away from home and you break out in a rash.  What are you going to do?  The thought of waiting three hours in a hospital emergency room is painful.  You know you need a doctor–but where can you find one? ZocDoc to the rescue.  ZocDoc is an amazing little smartphone app that offers a free service, enabling patients to search for doctors by location, specialty and by insurance accepted. After download, …

App of the Week: EmergencyLink

Posted on 06/28/2012 by |Technology | Comments

TechnologyDoesn’t it seem like the older we get, the more people’s safety we worry about? When we were young, most of us thought we were invincible.  We didn’t think about staying out of harm’s way. We did crazy stuff like drive too fast, hitchhike, and other risky and reckless activities. But then, we got married and settled down  a bit.  We started to worry about our spouses.  If they were late home from an appointment, we got nervous. If they …

To My Dad: Memories of the 8-Track

Posted on 06/14/2012 by |Technology | Comments

TechnologyIn late 1970, my Dad brought home a new car–a cobalt blue Chevy Caprice Classic with an 8-track tape deck installed under the dashboard. That tape deck, in that car, was my springboard to my technology adventures. As soon as I got my drivers’ license in early 1971, I got behind the wheel of that bright blue baby, and cruised my neighborhood, with tape recorded music playing inside this car.  Most of my friends had only heard of eight track …