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Reshma Mehta


Reshma Mehta has spent years in the government and non-profit arena, advocating on health care reform, Medicare, Social Security, consumer protection, housing, mobility and many more issues.

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Your benefits are NOT bargaining chips

Posted on 07/8/2011 by |Grassroots Advocacy | Comments

PoliticsWell, I’m sure you all saw the shocking news yesterday: President Obama and Congress are considering cutting tens of billions of dollars from Social Security and Medicare to pay the nation’s bills. AARP’s reaction? Don’t even THINK about it! Dealing with the deficit should be a priority, but this is the bottom line: Social Security did not contribute to the deficit and should not be cut as part of any budget deal. Your hard-earned benefits are not a bargaining chip in …

AARP Uses Humor AND Facts in Fight to Protect Seniors

Posted on 06/20/2011 by |Grassroots Advocacy | Comments

PoliticsGlenn Kessler posted a critique of our new ad on the Washington Post website today, saying that “it turns out this stuff adds up to peanuts in the context of a $3.7 trillion federal budget.”  Yes – AARP is not really suggesting that cutting pickle technology would solve the country’s budget woes.  The point was to get people talking – and use a little humor to do it.  There are billions of dollars in cuts that should be considered before …

AARP Has Not Changed Its Position on Social Security

Posted on 06/17/2011 by |Grassroots Advocacy | Comments

PoliticsHey everyone – I’m sure many of you have seen the Wall Street Journal article from this morning (“Key Seniors Association Pivots on Benefit Cut”). This is a misleading characterization.  Read AARP’s CEO A. Barry Rand’s response below: “Let me be clear – AARP is as committed as we’ve ever been to fighting to protect Social Security for today’s seniors and strengthening it for future generations.  Contrary to the misleading characterization in a recent media story, AARP has not changed …

Shrimp on treadmills? Or your benefits?

Posted on 06/16/2011 by |Grassroots Advocacy | Comments

PoliticsHey all!  I wanted to introduce myself – I’m going to be blogging about politics and AARP’s grassroots campaigns.  I’ve been working for about 8 years in the advocacy and non-profit arena – but this is my first time blogging – yay! So, let’s get down to it.  Today AARP launched a new television ad as part of our Protect Seniors campaign.  Take a look and tell us what you think! The ad may have some funny moments (pickle technology?!), …