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‘SYTYCD’ a Haven for Murphy During Cancer Scare

Posted on 06/16/2013 by | AARP Blog Author | Comments

EntertainmentNot that we would have guessed it, but Mary Murphy has spent part of this season’s “So You Think You Can Dance” audition period under a cloud of fear.  A survivor of thyroid cancer, the boisterous judge revealed to that she has “had more health tests that were not looking good.  They thought I had ovarian cancer, and they thought the thyroid cancer had come back.” She described coming in to work between medical appointments.  “It looked like for sure …

At Sunday’s Tony Awards, The Talent Is Mature

Posted on 06/6/2013 by | AARP Blog Author | Comments

EntertainmentTune in to the 67th Annual Tony Awards Sunday and you will see an outpouring of appreciation for performing greats in their 50-plus years.  Seriously, many of the most anticipated moments of this awards ceremony involve names who prove that talent, like fine wine, is at its best when it reaches maturity. The Best Actress in a Play category alone gives us Holland Taylor, who at 70 not only starred in, but also wrote her one-woman play about the late, …

Helen Slater Lets Emotions Fly in ‘The Good Mother’

Posted on 06/2/2013 by | AARP Blog Author | Comments

Entertainment If you saw M. Night Shyamalan’s brilliant 1999 The Sixth Sense, you got a glimpse of the mental disorder Munchausen by proxy syndrome — in which a child’s parent or other caregiver secretly creates an illness in the child in a twisted effort to get attention, sympathy and respect. And you may have thought to yourself, “Gosh, this would make a great Lifetime movie.” Right? I know I did. Well, I’m here to tell you, come Saturday, June 8, Lifetime …

10 Things to Know Before Watching Michael Douglas Dazzle in ‘Behind the Candelabra’

Posted on 05/26/2013 by | AARP Blog Author | Comments

EntertainmentAt last — Michael Douglas as Liberace, on HBO. The highly touted, much-anticipated Behind the Candelabra, from filmmaker Steven Soderbergh, with Matt Damon as Liberace’s 40-years-younger lover, Scott Thorson, is clearly the TV event of the week.  In fact, it will air for weeks and be available on demand. Here are 10 points to enhance your viewing experience. 1.  Emmy time! Critics are almost universally calling Douglas’ performance a tour de force. Kudos are being heaped upon Damon as well, …

May Sweeps Go Out With a Twang

Posted on 05/19/2013 by | AARP Blog Author | Comments

EntertainmentThis year’s May sweeps end Wednesday night — and the schedule over these final four days is a veritable dessert cart of TV goodness. Tomorrow night (5/20), there’s the delectable “Mel Brooks: Make a Noise” offered by PBS’s American Masters. Also tomorrow night: the final performance show of this season’s Dancing With the Stars, with the results show coming up Tuesday night. And y’all had better hold on tight for the season finale of ABC’s Nashville on Wednesday (5/22). One of …

‘American Idol’ Finale Must-See Viewing

Posted on 05/12/2013 by | AARP Blog Author | Comments

EntertainmentYes, I did compare Randy Jackson’s yo-yo-yo dawg-dawg-dawg repetitiveness to Barney the Dinosaur a few weeks ago in terms of things I simply cannot bear to watch anymore.  But now he’s leaving “American Idol” and I feel kind of bad.  It’s the end of an era – and all the more reason that this week’s season finale Wednesday and Thursday is must-see territory. The worst is behind us – not only Randy’s tired catch phrases, but also Nicki Minaj’s endless …