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As online news editor for AARP, Tina will blog about news, current events and how they relate to you. She has mastered the underappreciated art of knowing a little about everything to survive any cocktail party.

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The Takeaway: Living to 100; Obama Turns 50; Bubba Smith

Posted on 08/4/2011 by |The Takeaway | Comments

Bulletin TodayAll about the genes. So yesterday, we celebrated aging well with Helen Mirren’s big win for sexiest body and Jim Presseler’s secrets to looking and feeling young at 62. And then the mother of all Debbie Downer news was released.

The Takeaway: Helen Mirren’s Best Body; The Aging Well Edition

Posted on 08/3/2011 by |The Takeaway | Comments

Bulletin TodayHelen Mirren takes the crown again. The sexiest woman over 50 has a new title: Best body. According to an L.A. Fitness poll, the 66-year-old was named female celebrity with the best body – beating Elle “The Body” MacPherson, Jennifer Lopez, Kate Winslet and Pippa Middleton. But we already knew this.

The Takeaway: What Dad Wants in a Nursing Home; Debt Deal: Hip-Hop Style

Posted on 08/2/2011 by |The Takeaway | Comments

Bulletin TodayWhen it comes to “home away from home,” men are left behind. In her search for the perfect rehab for her father, Pam Gerhardt found that many assisted living facilities often forget about the other half. It’s hard enough getting your stubborn “still-young-at-heart” dad to agree to go to a home. So when he gets there, he should feel comfortable, right? 

The Takeaway: What’s in a Face at 50?; Debt Deal Goes to Congress

Posted on 08/1/2011 by |The Takeaway | Comments

Bulletin TodayWhat does your face say about you? Does it say you’re happy? Stressed? When people see you, do they think you’re powerful? Warm? Do you appear healthy? As President Obama turns 50, a new report examines how much he’s aged in the last three years and asks an interesting question: “What’s in a face at 50?”

The Takeaway: Grandparents Are Safer Drivers; Suicide, Women Over 50

Posted on 07/28/2011 by |The Takeaway | Comments

Bulletin TodayWant to keep your kids safe in the car? Make sure Nana’s behind the wheel. When children are present, grandparents are better drivers than Mom and Dad, a new study says.

The Takeaway: Medicare Part D; Breast Cancer and Race

Posted on 07/27/2011 by |The Takeaway | Comments

Bulletin TodayPart D is keeping you out of the hospital: Five years after the drug plan’s debut, seniors covered by Medicare Part D are healthier and taking better care of themselves.