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From make up tips to fashion trends, check out AARP's take on how to go from drab to fab!

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Chin Up! It’s Time We Felt Good About Our Necks

Posted on 07/21/2014 by |Beauty | Comments

Beauty & FashionI rescued my neck from the aging-lady shelter five years ago. Now, after years of neglect — no sunscreen, only occasional swipes of moisturizer — “she” appears to be responding well to treatment. Thanks to her, I can literally and figuratively hold my head high. If you’re anything like me — a “late-neck-care boomer” — then chicken skin, wattles and age spots on your once-swanlike stalk may be driving you nuts. Do you look in the mirror and re-create what used to be by pulling …

Lose Weight—and Keep It Off for Good

Posted on 07/19/2014 by |Best of Everything After 50 | Comments

Beauty & FashionObesity is on the rise in the United States. In fact, almost 70 percent of American adults are considered overweight.  And that’s not good. Being overweight can contribute to heart disease, stroke, diabetes and certain cancers — ailments that range from debilitating to disabling to fatal. What steps can we take in our own lives to stop this dangerous trend? It’s simple: Eat less — and move your body more. I turned 50 a few years back — seven years …

My Lunch With Eileen Ford

Posted on 07/17/2014 by |Beauty | Comments

Beauty & FashionI was at my desk at Ladies’ Home Journal one spring morning in 1996 when the phone rang. “It’s Eileen Ford,” said a cultured voice. “I’d like to take you to lunch.” At first I thought it was my office assistant, playing a practical joke. Why would the godmother of the supermodel (who died July 9 at 92) be calling me? As a young editorial assistant, I had done photo shoots with some of Ford’s top discoveries — Cheryl Tiegs, …

Eye-Makeup Tricks in 5 Minutes

Posted on 07/16/2014 by |Beauty | Comments

Beauty & FashionTake off your sunglasses. Stop dreaming of an eye-lift. And for God’s sake, get over your “too messy, too difficult, too time-consuming” excuses for skipping shadow and liner. Eye makeup is going to be your new best friend. Yes, we older babes generally do not have surgically sculpted celebrity peepers. Ours are naturally aged — and often “embellished” with lined or sagging lids. But giving up is not in a boomer’s DNA, so give my five-step solution for tired eyes a …

Birkenstocks: Awful or Awesome? Weigh In!

Posted on 07/10/2014 by |Best of Everything After 50 | Comments

Beauty & FashionI do my darnedest to ignore articles in trendy magazines and style blogs about this shoe or that shoe being suddenly back in vogue. (If you ask me, everything eventually becomes a “must have” again.) So when a girlfriend dropped by recently to show off her “new” Birkenstocks, I had my hands full trying to hold my tongue. Am I the only one in America who remembers that these funky-comfy sandals were introduced to the U.S. market in 1967? There’s …

How to Style Up Hearing Aids !

Posted on 07/8/2014 by |Beauty | Comments

Beauty & FashionMy hearing loss was gradual, hereditary and profound. And I denied it was happening every step of the way. Though I was only 60 years old, I would replay key scenes in Netflix episodes, max out the volume on SiriusXM radio and fudge my way through conversations on the phone, at parties and in noisy restaurants. Finally I faced reality and got my ears checked by a doctor, then grudgingly went to see an audiologist about getting hearing aids. But …