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A Diet for a Stronger Body (and Mind) as You Age

Posted on 11/4/2013 by | AARP Blog Author | Comments

Brain Health | Bulletin TodayOnce again, the Mediterranean diet is winning out in the diet wars — this time for both physical and brain health. A large new study finds that women who follow a healthy diet during middle age have more than 40 percent greater odds of surviving past the age of 70 with no chronic illness, physical impairments or memory problems. In other words, the kind of spry old age we all hope to have. >> Sign up for the AARP Health …

Can’t Recall What’s-His-Name? Don’t Worry. It’s Normal

Posted on 11/4/2013 by | Personal Health and Well-being | Comments

Brain Health | Bulletin TodayDo you remember this politician? His face is so familiar, but what the heck was his name? Or how about the celeb pictured next to him? He was in a bunch of movies, but his name …. darn, it’s on the tip of my tongue. Exactly. These annoying “tip-of-the-tongue” moments — when you know the name but just can’t retrieve it from your memory — seem to happen more often as we age and we often wonder if it signals …

A Good Night’s Sleep May Protect Against Dementia

Posted on 10/21/2013 by | AARP Blog Author | Comments

Brain Health | Bulletin TodayAre you getting a good night’s sleep? Two new studies offer yet more reasons for why you should make sure you do. In one study, researchers at the University of Rochester, in New York state, found that the brain sweeps away waste and toxins during sleep. In the other, researchers at  Johns Hopkins University, in Baltimore, found that poor-quality sleep is linked to the buildup of toxins that seem to contribute to Alzheimer’s disease. Taken together, these studies show how sleep …

Test Your Memory: Where Were You on This Date?

Posted on 10/15/2013 by | AARP Blog Author | Comments

Brain Health | Bulletin TodayBy Gene Weingarten This happens to me almost every week: I finish writing my column and send it to my editor, Tom The Butcher. Tom reads it and proposes changes. Objections are raised; ad hominem attacks ensue; we reach a testy détente, and eventually ship off the newly negotiated version to the copy desk.  An hour passes, two at the most. Then, Tom phones me. The call goes like this: Tom: We forgot to write the headline. Me: Oh. Right. Okay. (extremely awkward …

ICU Brain Effect: A Long Stay Causes Dementia

Posted on 10/4/2013 by | Personal Health and Well-being | Comments

Brain Health | Bulletin TodayA long stay in a hospital’s intensive care unit, where patients are often heavily sedated, seems to have a traumatic effect on brain function for as long as a year after patients leave the hospital, new research finds. The study, published Wednesday in the New England Journal of Medicine, found that one out of three ICU patients suffers mental effects similar to moderate traumatic brain injury, and one in four has impairments similar to a mild stage of Alzheimer’s disease. …

One More Thing to Stress About: Midlife Stress and Your Brain

Posted on 10/3/2013 by | AARP Blog Author | Comments

Brain Health | Bulletin TodayAfter the alarm goes off at 5:45 a.m., each day brings a new set of challenges: deadlines and responsibility at work, AP history homework, French quizzes, soccer carpools, meetings at school, dogs that need to be walked and a hardworking husband who is rarely home before 8 p.m. My mother died in February after a difficult illness, and still I sometimes wake in the middle of the night in grief and panic. Add to that list a new study to …