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Our Home and Family Blog has the latest information and stories on marriage, sex, friends, grandparenting, housing, pets, older driver safety, universal design and more.

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The Long Goodbye: Your Kid’s Cellphone Bill

Posted on 05/12/2014 by |Parenting 2.0 | Comments

Home & FamilyCheering their new grads at college commencements this month, parents will likely give another hurrah: No more tuition! But there’s another cost that might well linger on for parents of high school and college grads: the cellphone bill. A Wall Street Journal survey last year found that about 40 percent of parents of 18- to 35-year-old children still pay for their cellphone service, and 29 percent continue to do so even after their kids have moved out and pay their …

5 Things on a Mother’s To-Do List for Mother’s Day

Posted on 05/5/2014 by |Parenting 2.0 | Comments

Home & FamilyWhen the kids were growing up, Mother’s Day brought breakfast (crumbs) in bed, handmade gifts and special dinners. But with adult children, is the notion of “Queen for a Day” as outdated as the 1960s TV show? Over the years, our fantasy changes: At one time we wanted 10 minutes alone to take a shower. Now we want our adult children under the same roof at the same time. Stoked by the advertising hype, it’s easy to imagine a magical Mother’s …

For Mother’s Day, Reflections on Single Motherhood

Posted on 05/2/2014 by |Vice President, Multicultural Markets | Comments

Home & FamilyStephanie M. Clark and her 12-year-old daughter were the typical single-parent family in America. Divorced since her daughter was 3, Stephanie worked hard to provide for their household in North Brunswick, N.J., trying to make a go of her own marketing business. In the evenings there was the routine of making dinner, doing homework, then going to bed. But, one evening, something happened that would forever change her relationship with her daughter. As Stephanie scurried around the kitchen, cooking dinner, …

How to Survive a Workplace Culture Clash With Millennials

Posted on 04/28/2014 by |Parenting 2.0 | Comments

Home & FamilyA friend who supervises interns recently complained about a young man she gave an assignment to one morning. When she passed his desk a few hours later, he was surfing the Web. His explanation: assignment complete so he was taking a break. Argh! A culture clash is erupting as millennials stampede into the workplace, arriving saddled with a negative reputation. But if boomers want to coexist with twentysomethings, then they — the older generation — need an attitude adjustment, says …

Apartment Smokers: Would You Rather Switch Than Fight?

Posted on 04/25/2014 by |Legal Grounds | Comments

Home & FamilyImagine that you’ve been living for a decade in an apartment building for seniors. You’ve settled in, made friends and think of it as home. Now imagine that the building suddenly adopts a no-smoking rule and says that if you can’t or won’t comply with it, you’ll have to find someplace else to live. Like it or lump it. As the Cincinnati Enquirer tells the story, that’s what happened to Beulah Toombs, a resident of  the AHEPA 127 Apartments in …

How to Keep Peace at Family Gatherings

Posted on 04/21/2014 by |Parenting 2.0 | Comments

Home & FamilyWe’re all familiar with the scene, especially after the Passover and Easter holidays. The extended family sits down to dinner and a grandchild starts whining that he’s not hungry or eats the mashed potatoes with her hands or takes a dive under the table. As grandparents, we’re tempted to take charge and correct the behavior, but the wisest among us won’t say a word. Still, we don’t have to feel relegated to watching the gathering descend into chaos, says Melinda Blau, …