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5 Cool Ways to Follow the 2012 Elections Online

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsIf you’re a fan of Saturday Night Live, you may have gotten a chuckle from the spoof advertisement poking fun at what political pundits call “low information” undecided voters. “Before you’re going to get our vote, you’re going to have to answer some questions,” the ad explains. “What are the names of the two people running? And be specific!” But seriously, though, unless you’re filing an absentee ballot from a desert island without Internet access, there’s really no excuse for being a …

Medicare: A Sampling of Opinion from the Nation’s Editorial Pages

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Bulletin Today | Politics Orlando (Fla.) Sentinel (8/23): Medicare Deserves Sharp Focus in 2012 Campaign Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s pick of Paul Ryan as his running mate has locked up a spot for Medicare among the top issues in this year’s campaign. Good. A serious national debate over the program’s future is overdue…. Here’s hoping both sides will do a better job of leveling with the American people about Medicare in the remaining weeks of the campaign. Buffalo (N.Y.) News (8/21): Wanted: Serious …

For Romney, a Red-Carpet Win

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsWhat do Meryl Streep, Christopher Plummer and Mitt Romney have in common? More than you might think, this week at least: they all owe key victories to an older electorate. (In case you missed it: 86 percent of voters for the Academy Awards – yes, 86 percent! – are 50 or older. Coincidence, then, that Sunday night’s 2012 Oscars felt, said the New York Times, “like an AARP pep rally?” At his own pep rally Tuesday night outside Detroit, Romney …