2012 Republican National Convention

Medicare’s Debut at the Republican National Convention

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsFor a good portion of the first afternoon of the Republican National Convention, a cavalcade of GOP congressional candidates tried to draw contrasts on the issues between the parties. But only one set his sights squarely on Medicare, offering a full-throated defense of the GOP’s approach. Sort of. Keith Rothfus, a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives from Pennsylvania, focused on what Republicans see as their biggest weapon in the issue: the Affordable Care Act and its more than …

5 Great Ways to Plug Into the GOP Convention From Home

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Bulletin Today | PoliticsThere was a time when the national conventions of the two major political parties were filled with drama, emotional catharsis and occasionally even angry fisticuffs. (Here’s our gallery of great and not-so-great historic moments at GOP conventions.) Over the years, the quadrennial gatherings evolved into something more closely resembling slick, stage-managed infomercials, carefully designed to sell the parties’ tickets to the public rather than to wrestle over fateful decisions. Even so, whether you’re a hardcore political junkie or simply a citizen who likes to be informed, the 2012 Republican National …