50+ mommy chronicles

50+ Mommy Chronicles: Deliriously Happy, and Doubt-Filled

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Home & FamilyShould I Still Have Mixed Emotions Five Years In? I was of sound mind and body when we adopted Johannah, now 5. I’d just turned 51 and my husband, 57. We were late bloomers, marrying four years earlier—a first marriage for both of us. We wanted a family, but the doctors said my eggs were done. Multiple attempts at IVF failed. So we considered the options and decided to pursue a domestic adoption. I reluctantly dyed my hair (to appeal …

50+ Mommy Chronicles: Not From the Lens of My Upbringing

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Home & FamilyThree years into mommy-hood and each day I am learning more about myself. My own childhood upbringing certainly influenced me early on in the way I parented my 10-year old daughter, adopted from foster care. The reality is her childhood experiences are very different from mine. I had a solid family upbringing, raised as the eldest of three in a two parent family. My parents were supportive and encouraged me in all of my interests. Both working parents, my mom …