The Real Retired Housewives of Cheyenne? Why not?

Each year our esteemed magazine ranks its 10 best places for what have you: to retire abroad, to live the simple life, to live a healthy life and so on. This year’s list piqued my interest: The 10 most affordable cities for retirement.  Now, I’m a couple sawbucks away from retirement, but I’m all for getting a head start on some research.

Happy 50th Birthday, Michael J. Fox!

The other day, my father asked me what my favorite movie of all time was. Without hesitation, Back to the Future, I said. “But that’s three movies,” he told me. I shook my head. “No matter.” To me it was one magical joy ride of great lines, awesome effects (for the time) and lovely close-ups of Michael J. Fox. And today just happens to be Fox’s 50th Birthday. Happy Birthday to my very first childhood crush! As Marty McFly in …