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Who Will Be Your Caregiver? I Know Who Won’t Be Mine

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CaregivingI usually write about other people, but indulge me a minute. I have been a long-distance family caregiver for 12 years straight (father, mother, mother-in-law) and in the future, I will likely need and want a family caregiver myself. My three kids are spread out across the country (Florida, California, New York), but I thought not for long. For the last year, my son and his wife have said they planned to move to Boston from the West Coast. (They …

Bank Of Dad A Boon For Adult Kids

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Bulletin Today | Money & SavingsBoomer moms may talk to their adult kids more about money matters but dads are more willing to dig into their wallets and hand out the cash. The Bank of Dad comes to the rescue more than mom when it involves helping their grown kids: • Buy a car  (58 percent versus 48 percent) • Co-sign a loan or lease agreement (42 percent versus 32 percent) • Pay for car insurance (51 percent versus 43 percent) • Help with car …

The Takeaway: ‘Boomerang’ Kids Aren’t Slackers, They Just Face New Route to Adulthood

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Bulletin TodayFor young adults, could moving back in with mom and dad be a good career move? That’s the argument from Washington Post writer Steven Mintz, who calls for an end to the idea that 20-somethings living with parents (the so-called “boomerang” kids, who fly from the next only to come crashing back in again) are only doing it for the free laundry.

Do We Owe Other Generations?

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Your LifeMoney—who pays for what—in U.S families, is something not often discussed with others. Which is why I found the new MetLife study Multi-Generational Views on Family Financial Obligations a revealing peek inside others’  living rooms. Baby Boomers (ages 48-66 in 2012), Gen Xers (ages 36-47) and Gen Yers (ages 22–35 this year) were asked their attitudes about supporting either their adult children or their aging parents or grandparents. The online study of more than 2,000 ages 21-65 shows that all generations want to be …

The Takeaway: More Than Half Of Youngest Adults Living With Parents

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Bulletin TodayIt’s a story that’s been developing for several years now—more and more young adults are moving back home with their parents (or never leaving in the first place). Now the U.S. Census Bureau has data.

“Empty Nest” can just mean a “New Nest”

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Home & FamilyEveryone knows about “empty nest syndrome.” People warn those whose children quickly grow up and head out on their own that there will be a feeling of loneliness around the nest – and that may very well be true for some, but this great article in the Chicago Tribune takes a different look at the empty nest – and I like this point of view! The article profiles a couple who took the opportunity to redesign their home when their …