Marketers Turn to the Boomers Again

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EntertainmentCheck out this great story on today. The article is all about the boomer generation once again catching the eye of the marketer. Those boomers sure have buying power and they aren’t afraid to use it. So why did marketers ever lose interest? According to the story, over the last decade, boomers lost favor to younger generations, but now as companies have “felt the pinch of decreased consumer spending,” they are realizing that 50+ Americans have definitely not stopped …

Response To Jane Hamsher Comment

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Your LifeJane Hamsher left the following response to our statement in the comments section so I thought I’d pull it up to the front page: AARP had a $20 million advertising campaign last year, “Divided We Fail,” that included no blog advertising component. So I find this statement curious: “AARP would never allow advertisers to dictate our editorial content based on the amount of ad space purchased, and we would be hesitant to buy ads with any media that suggested it …

Super Bowl Commercials: Ad Up

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EntertainmentDespite the tough times many companies are going through, advertisers lined up to pay huge sums for ads during the Super Bowl.