Aerobic exercise

Exercise Boosts Memory in Adults Over 50

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Brain Health | Bulletin TodayWant to stay mentally sharp? Just an hour of exercise three times a week can improve memory and brain health in as little as six weeks, according to a small new study. For the study, researchers at the Center for BrainHealth at the University of Texas at Dallas divided sedentary adults from the ages of 57 to 75 into an exercise group and a control group. The exercise group rode on a stationary bike or walked on a treadmill for …

The Takeaway: Insomnia Sabotages Our Productivity, Gut Bacteria Sabotage Our Diets

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Bulletin TodayCounting Sheep (and $$ Lost): Heading into this long weekend, I have one piece of advice for you: Get some sleep. Lost sleep costs the average American worker 11.3 days in lost productivity, a new study from Harvard Medical School reports. Of the 7,428 workers who took part in the study, nearly a quarter had a hard time falling or staying asleep. It’s an underappreciated problem,” said lead author Ronald C. Kessler. Americans are not missing work because of insomnia. …