What’s the Secret to a Happy, Long-Term Marriage?

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RelationshipsWhat does it take to keep a marriage happy, vibrant and enduring? I’m asked that question all the time. And while I think couples all have their own unique recipes for success, I’ve noticed that most include these five essential ingredients: 1. The ability to apologize  Every person in every marriage makes mistakes. Some big, some small, but always some you wish you could un-do. That’s only human, but happy couples admit to their mistakes — and apologize. Just as important is …

50 Years Together and Not Even a Hug?

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RelationshipsQ: Due to my wife’s health problems, we haven’t had sex in 18 years. Sometimes I think I have forgotten what it would be like to have someone just to hold, sit and talk with. I love my wife very much and would never cheat on her. But it’s not only the sex, I miss just being with someone! She doesn’t let me even hug or kiss her, not even on our 50th wedding anniversary! Dr. Pepper Schwartz: You have …

A Tricky Love Triangle?

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RelationshipsQ: I recently ran into an old lover who is now a widower. I was once very much in love with this man and after seeing him again, I find that I am still strongly attracted to him. I am married, my spouse is impotent and I am a very sexual person who needs touching and affection to feel wanted and loved. My spouse won’t even hold my hand when I beg! I am torn. I still respect my spouse, …