Italian Vacation? Let’s Help Eradicate Polio Instead

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VolunteeringThis is a guest post by Philip L. Graitcer and the first in a five-part series about a group of dedicated Rotary volunteers helping to eradicate polio in Kaduna, Nigeria.   They’re at a point in their lives where they could be playing with their grandchildren, working in the garden, or on a cruise, instead, these seniors are spending their leisure time eradicating polio in Nigeria. I’m meeting up with a 15-member polio immunization team – all Rotary International  club volunteers with …

Doing India by Elephant, Camel and Jet

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Your LifeTo those who have never been charged by an elephant, surrounded by lions or had their underwear stolen by wild monkeys, I have a treat for you: It’s called travel. We’ve endured all of the above with varying degrees of terror and humor in India and Africa, two places we’ve visited as tourists after the age of 75. And now we’re ready to go again at 83. Travel agencies have adjusted to accommodate not only those in the upper numbers …

The Safari Within

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Your LifeHemingway wrote that there’s a world of difference between stalking a lion on foot than in a car. That’s why I was intrigued when I heard about life coach Richard Leider’s walking safaris in Tanzania. Unlike Hemingway, however, Leider isn’t interested in downing lions, but in showing people how to hunt the big game within themselves. Leider began these three-week “inventures,” as he calls them, in 1983 after falling in love with Africa on an Outward Bound trek to Mount …