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Faygo Sued for Age Discrimination — by Founder’s Grandson

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Bulletin Today | WorkDetroit-based Faygo, a fixture in the soft drink industry since 1907, is being sued for age discrimination by the grandson of one of the company’s founders. Hugh Rosenthal, 70, says he lost his job as Faygo’s director of marketing two years ago simply because of his age. In a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court, in which he seeks lost wages and damages, Rosenthal argues that if he’d been younger “he would not have been terminated.” “I took so much pride …

Age Bias Claims: Up Despite Being Harder to Prove

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Bulletin TodayOnly a few months ago, the New York Times was reporting that few lawyers will take age discrimination cases, in part because of a new, tougher standard that the U.S. Supreme Court imposed a few years back. But that doesn’t mean older workers have stopped filing claims with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  Last year, in fact, nearly 23,000 people filed age discrimination claims with the EEOC, an increase of more than 6,000 claims over 2006. Sure, with the aging …

Workplace Age Bias Hits Home for Boomers

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Work[Updated 6/24] Some argue that the Great Recession is in the rear-view mirror. That’s not the case if you’re a layoff victim over a certain age and if you’ve been unemployed for nearly a year – or longer. Age bias is a concern for around two-thirds of workers over 45, as reported in The New York Times Bucks Blog and in MarketWatch’s Working Retirement column. The stories cite figures from Staying Ahead of the Curve 2013: AARP’s Multicultural Work and …

The Takeaway: Too Old to Wear Speedos? Social Security Disability Payments in Danger?

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Bulletin TodayStandard policy or discrimination? A New York man says he was fired from his job as a lifeguard in 2007 because he refused to wear the required bikini-style swimsuit for an annual qualifying swim test. Roy Lester, now 61, filed a lawsuit claiming age discrimination. Lester, who has 40 years of water safety experience, says older lifeguards were slowly being phased out of Jones Beach and the swimsuit mandate was a way to do it.