5 Reasons French Women Look Terrific

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Beauty & FashionJust back from Paris with a fresh take on an old myth — the one that says French women know secrets about beauty, style and aging well.  Let’s not forget a big part of their mysterious allure is the language and culture.  Living in a society that’s not youth oriented 24/7 is certainly a shot in the libido. Even asking a shop assistant if you look fat in a pair of pants sounds OK — Est-ce que ce pantalon me …

Is Your Hair Color Aging You? Make It Stop

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Beauty & FashionWhen women 50-plus start piling on self-tanner, blush and a brighter lipstick it means one thing : your hair color is all wrong. So says New York colorist, hair stylist and beauty expert Eva Scrivo, the savior of  savvy CEOS, media personalities and grownup everyday women who mob her Bond Street and Upper East Side salons.  Scrivo and I shared de-aging hair color tips in an exclusive AARP interview last week. Here are five things to rethink ASAP: TIME TO …

The 10 Real Secrets of Ageless Women

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Beauty & FashionSome women do look better with age. Why? Cosmetic surgery or dermatological procedures can perk things up and certain women admit it. Others claim it’s all lucky genes, an addiction to workouts and a strict healthy diet. As a beauty editor, I’ve worked on photo shoots with nearly every celeb now over 50 and thousands of real everyday women. We’re all in the same boat famous or not.  My heroines are women who keep their looks intact but don’t try …