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What Are We Willing—and Not Willing—to Do for Mom and Dad?

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CaregivingHow do we view our role in taking care of our parents? Are we willing to help them out financially? What about having them move in with us? And, what are our expectations for our own children when we need help? These intriguing questions are addressed in a just-released national, online study. This past June, MORE magazine surveyed 751 adults age 18+ with at least one living parent or guardian. The full story with results will be published online in the coming …

Sibling Squabbles Over Mom? 7 Tips for Getting Along

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CaregivingRelationships with siblings can be solid and fulfilling, yet when there are issues regarding aging parents, even the sweetest situations can turn strained or worse. Hot-button issues are almost always around money (your parents’, caregiving expenses and who pays), family possessions, Mom and Dad’s independence and safety, living arrangements or medical decisions. You know what they say about too many cooks in the kitchen…. Or not enough. Your brother and sister might be delighted to leave the caregiving to you. …

Visit Your Parents or Be Sued: Is That Un-American?

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Bulletin Today | Home & FamilyBulletin from Wuxi, China: In the first suit filed under the country’s new law requiring adult children to visit their parents “often,” a court ordered a woman to check in on her 77-year-old mother at least twice a month, and on at least two of the country’s big holidays. With our summer vacations in full swing in the United States, we wonder whether a similar “don’t-you-dare-ignore-your-parents” law would fly here? Discussion: Zimmerman Verdict of Not-Guilty: Was Justice Served? Today’s Americans …

Are Your Parents at Risk for Financial Fraud?

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Bulletin Today | Money & SavingsAfter a lifetime of working and saving, our parents shouldn’t have to fend off fraudsters trying to siphon their funds. But financial exploitation of older adults is happening with increasing alarm, officials say. So to help them detect and avoid all sorts of financial abuse, from identity theft to reverse mortgage fraud, a new online curriculum and guide was launched by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. It’s the latest effort by regulators to curb elder financial fraud, which …

Caregiving and Taxes

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CaregivingAs working caregivers, we often have extra pressure around tax time. Even a simple tax situation can be very daunting as we are simultaneously working, caregiving, organizing our own and organizing our loved ones’ taxes! The good news is there may be some ways to ease the burden for your loved ones. Here is my short Taking Care with Amy Goyer: Caregiving and Taxes video with a few tips on handling this stressful time of year, which you may have …

Divorced Parents May Double the Demands on Caregiving Children

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Bulletin TodayInstead of leaning on each other in their golden years, divorced parents may lean more heavily on grown children for care and support. Experts say adults whose parents are divorced should be prepared for the extra time and financial demands that aging and unmarried parents could require.