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Nursing Homes Increasingly Slip In Arbitration Agreements, But Think Twice Before Signing

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Bulletin TodayAnyone who has or may someday have family in a nursing home, take note: A mandatory arbitration agreement is probably not in your loved one’s best interest. Though such agreements are becoming increasingly common at nursing homes and assisted living facilities, there’s good reason for family members of residents not to sign.

The Takeaway: Inheritance Wake-up Call for Boomers (That Windfall Isn’t Coming)

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Bulletin TodayWhither boomer’s inheritances? Not coming, perhaps. “The post-war generation is living longer and increasingly using their savings to live out their retirement,” the Wall Street Journal notes. Which could mean many boomers are in for an unpleasant wake-up call soon.

The Takeaway: Keeping Your Estate Up to Date

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Bulletin TodayIf you have children, you’ve probably thought about who would care for them should something happen to you. But have you thought of who might care for aging parents? Today’s society demands “new considerations” when it comes to estate planning, says the BMO Retirement Institute. The group’s new report, “Estate planning in the 21st century: New considerations in a changing society,” instructs Americans to review estate plans to factor in parents, pets and technology.

Bring on the Caregiving Talk!

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CaregivingThe email is intriguing: My friend is gathering a group who are grappling with caregiving issues for a brainstorming dinner at her home. She feels overwhelmed, with a job and husband in Boston and very ill parents in Connecticut. Not only do I write about caregivers, but I’ve been one for 14 years straight (first my father, then my mother, now my mother-in-law). I’ve never met the others at the dinner table. At 58, I’m the baby, while one of …

The Takeaway: Why Diets Fail (The ‘Blame Your Hormones’ Edition); Financial Strategies for Supporting Aging Parents

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Bulletin TodayHunger hormones may refuse to return to normal for up to a year after dieting. And what’s the best way for boomers to provide financial support to aging parents?

Wonder Dog Reminds Me What’s Important

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CaregivingSome days, amid the stress and demands of caregiving, I get so overwhelmed that I forget about the important things. Fortunately, life has a way of jerking me back into focus. One day not too long ago, my Dad had an endoscopy, which consumed a big chunk of his — and my — time. I took him to the medical center, waited nervously while the procedure took place, then, relieved he was okay, brought him home. Next on the agenda …