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4 Things I Learned From My Teen’s Driver Safety Program

Posted on 02/21/2013 by |Home & Family blogger | Comments

Your LifeMy second child is learning to drive. In our state one of the requirements for driver education is for the student and a parent to attend a 90-minute seminar on safe driving. I’ll admit that I was not looking forward to attending this session, but left having learned far more than I imagined possible. For example, it turns out they no longer teach the same steering wheel or mirror positions from my high school days. Technology and distracted driving is an …

Grandparents and Parents Need a College Savings Plan

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Your LifeWe are currently in the midst of completing the college search for one son and beginning the college search for our second son.  We’ve needed a crash course to keep up with the application and search process these days but the savings work had started years earlier.  While most of the work falls to the parents and the student, the whole process of saving for school is very much a multi-generational activity.      I’d like to share some of our lessons …

Generation X is the New Sandwich Generation

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Your LifeBy way of introduction, I am both AARP’s Vice President of Home and Family and among the first members of Generation X.  My role at AARP involves working with all of my co-workers to make sure that we know what issues are important to the fifty plus around home and family and working to address those issues through the things we do.  This involves five related topics: Caregiving; Kids and grandkids; Livable communities; Driving; and Consumer technology    We know …