Horse Sense Volunteering

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VolunteeringFran Burns of Baltimore County, Maryland, grew up on a horse farm, riding and showing horses. She recalls that the only time in her life when she wasn’t around horses was during college at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where she studied broadcast journalism. After many years of working in the world of radio, and later, dental sales, Fran retired in 2006 to her horse farm in northern Maryland where she started volunteering with organizations that were …

Antibiotic-Free Meat: What The Label Isn’t Telling You

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Bulletin Today | Personal HealthThe label on the package of ground beef says “all-natural.” What the heck does that mean? Or how about the turkey tenderloin label that says the meat is “antibiotic-free” — can you trust it? While most consumers would like to be able to buy meat or poultry raised without antibiotics — and would even pay a little more for it, according to a new Consumer Reports survey — the problem is determining whether that “antibiotic-free” label really means what it …