Heart Attacks Can Cause Serious Depression — In Spouses

While depression is common among heart attack survivors, their spouses can also be hit hard. According to a new study, spouses of heart attack victims are at greater risk of depression, anxiety or suicide, and men are more likely than women to become depressed or commit suicide, American and Danish researchers found. Even if a husband or wife survives a heart attack, the spouse suffers more than do spouses of people who survive or die from other conditions, the study …

The Takeaway: Anxiety Could Make You Age Faster

Afraid of crowds? Heights? Spiders? If you suffer from one of these or other “phobic anxieties” — and about 6 to 10 percent of the American population does — it could mean you’ll age more rapidly than your non-phobic counterparts. In fact, a study published this week found that compared to a person with no phobic symptoms, seriously anxious individuals were aging about six years faster.