App of the Week: Bring Back The Bygone Concerts

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TechnologySummer is starting, and that means lots of outdoor concerts.  But if you’re like me, you have seen most of your favorite bands perform, and the thought of trekking in the heat and humidity to an amphitheater that seems to be at least a mile from your car is not so appealing anymore.  Been there—done that. But the music, the famous live concerts dating back to the 50s at the Fillmore, the Newport Jazz festival, Tanglewood, the Shrine Auditorium and …

App of the week: Exercise and diet with one cool app

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TechnologyExperimenting with a new app reminds me of high school in the early 70s. The banter is the same. “You gotta try it,” a peer says. “Really, what does it do?”  I ask. “I’m not sure, “he says, “but it’s really cool and everyone is using it.” So I try it—I download the Lose It! app to see what the buzz is all about.  And after a few hours, I agree it’s pretty cool—however, now I must admit… I’m addicted. …

Steve Jobs: Designing for All of Us

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LegacyWhat has Steve wrought? Here at AARP, we’ll remember him because of the far-away grandchildren and kids we used iChat to talk to. We’ll remember Steve because of the Apple Extended Keyboard, whose wide, broad keys made typing a pleasure, especially for those with arthritis. We’ll remember Steve’s Apple for its VoiceOver technology – when it came out in 2005, it was the first screenreading technology that was baked into an operating system. It was just there – part of …

How I Found Apple: The Projectionist’s Computer

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LegacyLike millions, I caught the news about the death of Steve Jobs glancing at Twitter on my iPhone after dinner. I was seeing the fire hose of social media reaction 45 minutes after major news outlets broke the story. Rather than gorge on tweets and obits, I decided I needed to gather some things to make a little shrine (pictured above) to burn off some nervous energy and collect my thoughts. The trip to the grocery store to pick up …

The Takeaway: Steve Jobs Dies; Palin Out For 2012; Alzheimer’s Infectious?

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Bulletin TodayDeath of a Visionary:  Steve Jobs, the iconic Apple co-founder who’s influenced 21st century technology, computing, gadgetry and culture in inestimable ways, has died. He was 56. There’s no doubt Jobs was an innovator. The creativity he put into technology will forever change how we communicate–from Gen Z to boomers.  He moved technology from crowded garages to pockets, took entertainment from record stores to iTunes. Steve Jobs gave us the future,” says Washington Post reporter Hank Stuever. “A sense of ourselves moving …

RIP Steve Jobs

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LegacyApple founder and CEO Steve Jobs has died. He was 56 years old, and arguably one of the greatest Boomers to ever live. The Associated Press reports that his death was announced without mention of specific cause. Look forward to more from us on Mr. Jobs: his great accomplishments and the lessons we can all learn from him. Photo credit: acaben from Flickr.