States Start Shifting Focus to Help Seniors Live Independently, at Home

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Politics“We need to ‘spring’ your mother,” Pop, who loved prison movies, told me over the phone while asking me to come home that weekend. Mom had been in a rehabilitation center for two weeks following a bad fall and a hospital stay. Both she and Pop were ready for her to go home. My mom and pop, like most Americans, wanted to stay in their home and community as they aged. Pop became the primary family caregiver for Mom, and …

Los 10 peores estados para los jubilados en EE.UU.

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En EspañolEs difícil darse ciertos lujos y comodidades cuando se tiene un ingreso fijo, mucho más si eres retirado y tus ganancias han disminuido. Es por eso que algunos de los lugares más lindos y vibrantes de Estados Unidos también se tornan en unos de los menos asequibles, por no decir ‘prohibidos’, para los jubilados. Son por lo general más caros, con rentas más altas y restaurantes costosos. Las tasas de impuestos también tienden a ser mayores en las áreas urbanas. …

5 Reasons to Care About Medicaid Expansion

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PoliticsNine states have passed Medicaid expansion this year, with another 15 on the brink of extending health coverage to more hard-working citizens. Why is Medicaid expansion, which would extend Medicaid health coverage to people who earn about $15,000 a year (138% of the federal poverty level), so important? Here are the top 5 reasons: 1. 50- to 64-year olds: Medicaid expansion will provide health care coverage to tens of thousands of hard-working Americans between the ages of 50 to 64. Many …