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Movies for Grownups Weekend Preview March 28

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EntertainmentPick your movie hero this weekend: A real-life social crusader; a Biblical shipbuilder; or a DEA agent with forearms like telephone poles. Also see what’s new on DVD and on demand down below. Cesar Chavez Michael Pena stars as the legendary farm workers’ union leader, and despite the inspiring lessons of the man’s life, director Diego Luna’s films is oddly dispassionate. The film falls victim to the fate that swallows too many film biographies: It’s so in love with the …

Jim Lange: Host of ‘The Dating Game’

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LegacyA newspaper feature writer gushed in 1969 that Jim Lange, the host of The Dating Game, personified “the swinging, nattily dressed bachelor.” The description might seem amusingly quaint today, but then again, so would the show itself. During its original run from 1965 to 1973, The Dating Game — in which a “bachelorette” picked one of three prospective bachelors hidden behind a screen, or vice-versa, by asking provocative questions — was an awkward artifact of society’s evolving attitudes about sexual freedom …

Maria Shriver Back on NBC with Focus on Women’s Issues

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Bulletin Today | EntertainmentMaria Shriver, a longtime advocate on important social issues for women and the needy, has a new job at 57, one where she plans to focus attention on women’s lives as “providers parents caretakers and caregivers.” She will return to NBC as an “editor at large” to develop  stories related to women’s lives for all of the company’s media platforms. A career journalist who left NBC in 2004 after now-estranged Arnold Schwarzenegger was elected governor of California, Shriver says on …

How to Defeat Space Aliens: A Moviegoer’s Guide

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EntertainmentTheir scientific and technical know-how make the International Space Station look like a Tinkertoy (well, it actually does kinda look like a Tinkertoy…). Still, as Tom Cruise proves in his new movie, Oblivion, it is surprisingly easy to fight back against space aliens. These classic sci-fi flicks provide an excellent primer in last-line-of-defense strategies against invaders from beyond the stars:       Teach Them Yoga War of the Worlds (1953; 2005) With those spindly arms and legs, the bending …

Joe Weider: 5 Facts About the Man Who Pumped Us Up

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LegacyIf you were a self-consciously scrawny teenager back in the 1960s, you knew muscle-building mogul Joe Weider from comic-book ads that asked, “Why be SKINNY?” To start down the road to physical perfection and popularity with the opposite sex, all we needed to do was send him a self-addressed envelope and 25 cents for postage and handling. In his heyday, Weider, who died on March 23 at age 93 in Los Angeles, was the veritable Donald Trump of hypertrophy, a …

The Last Stand: A Movies for Grownups Minute Review

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EntertainmentAfter 10 years in the California governor’s mansion, Arnold Schwarzenegger stars in The Last Stand, his first post-Governator lead role.   In this video review, Movies for Grownups’ Bill Newcott says Arnold is just fine as a small-town Arizona sheriff … so long as you don’t think about it too much.   Read my full review HERE   photo credit: Merrick Morton/LionsGate Entertainment